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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Care about children | They made their bed | 'Shootout' memories

September 10, 2021 at 3:15 a.m.

Care about children

As absurd as it sounds, why don't we just do this in our schools to keep our kids safer? Keep the vaccinated and unvaccinated (older ones), the masked and unmasked (younger ones), in separate halls as well as classrooms while we are waiting for our legislators to grow up or be replaced. The kids can even have separate recesses. We know now that even the vaccinated can get a light case of covid. (Yes, it might be hard to do, but we rise to the occasion quite often in life.)

Meanwhile, what do you mean, "My child doesn't want to wear a mask"? You are the parent; you make the decisions! Your child will follow what you say and do, so make the right choice for your child. Looking at statistics, it seems that in the recent past the mortality rate for children who get this virus has been low. But if your child is the one who dies from it, you aren't going to care about these statistics. Why not show you care about other parents' children? That puts "Love thy neighbor as thyself" into action.

So many well-known figures, as well as the masses, have shown themselves to be uninformed and petty regarding science and medical issues--all over the country as well as in Arkansas. Don't you be one of them.


North Little Rock

They made their bed

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette had a recent article reporting that airlines are having to deal with serious safety problems with unruly passengers. I believe that is an airline-caused safety problem.

Inebriated passengers are not known for making sane decisions. In deciding to serve alcoholic drinks, the airlines should have known that would not be a sane decision. I for one know because for years I worked where most drank alcohol and fights frequently broke out. I learned that some drank alcohol and soon slid under the table, some became lovers who love everybody, and some became fighters. People are too close together to sprinkle alcohol-drinking passengers throughout the cabin.

Airlines, you own the problem.


Hot Springs Village

'Shootout' memories

With the game between the Razorbacks and Longhorns coming up, it's natural for us older fans to recall the "big shootout" in December 1969. Interestingly, in this era of inclusion and diversity, according to ESPN's series on college football, the big shootout was the last national championship football game played between two all-white teams. Go Hogs!


Little Rock

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