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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Why capitalize one? | The next one to retire | Disenfranchised votes

September 11, 2021 at 3:32 a.m.

Why capitalize one?

I read this sentence last Sunday in the "Marching On" article: "What met her was a mob of protesters, angry that nine Black children were attempting to attend school with their white children."

I was struck by the capitalization. How should it be explained to a child today? I know it has become quite common, but could you explain it to your readers? Is it that Black is a color and white is not? Is it that Black is a race and white is not? Is it that Black is a culture and white is not? Or is it something else entirely? Something more than a bit ironic in an article about what we all used to agree was racism?


North Little Rock

Editor's note: The Democrat-Gazette, in general, follows AP Style. In June 2020 the Associated Press changed its style to capitalize Black when used in the context of race and culture. The next month it announced it would not do the same for white. The article explaining the AP's decision can be found at

The next one to retire

The next Supreme Court justice retirement, I think, could be Chief Justice John Roberts. I think that, given the recent conservative response to the Texas abortion law, Chief Justice Roberts has abrogated control over the court's direction.

His sense of moral right might lead him to the conclusion that the sanctity of the court lies in his resignation and President Biden's appointment of a liberal justice. Do I live in a fantasy world?


Mountain Home

Disenfranchised votes

Writer Ron Hunter thinks we should keep the Electoral College. Does he also think that the vote from every voter should not count? Does he not think that the person with the most votes should be elected? I believe we must get rid of the Electoral College. It had some purpose in the late 1700s, but has no purpose today except to disenfranchise the voters of our nation.

P.S.: I am blind. The gratitude of all blind and low-vision people belongs to the publisher, editors, advertisers and subscribers of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Almost enough of every issue is available on the telephone through



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