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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Must invest in nation | Noisy, selfish adults | Nothing but cowards

September 13, 2021 at 2:00 a.m.

Must invest in nation

Oh, please don't tell me we can't afford this bill. The withdrawal from Afghanistan pays for it alone.

The Republicans are currently trying to give the Pentagon another $25 billion. Why? Everything was supposed to be updated already. Perhaps needing to stash cash somewhere? Trump ran up $7.8 trillion during his time in office, with not much blowback or complaining as this was part of the debt to upgrade our military.

We need to start investing in our nation instead of the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about.

Many countries have high-speed trains. You can enjoy and raise families in small towns and work in the big city. Not the U.S. High-speed Internet available to all like a utility. Not the U.S. Northern countries have self-heating pavement. Not the U.S. There are vast floodgates built near the mouth of the sea in the northern Dutch area to prevent low-lying areas from flooding. Not the U.S. We are the only First World nation (rich) that does not provide universal health care for all citizens.

I am tired of listening to politicians telling us "we can't afford it."

Let's take care of the USA while providing great-paying jobs. I really don't want to see another highway fall into the river. Most of us want decent-paying jobs, to own a home, provide for our families and schooling for our kids and retire comfortably. A flat tax on all income could go a long way to eliminating our national debt.

Instead Congress wants to blame, blame, blame while getting nothing done, unless it's something lobbied for by friends or corporations. Trickle-down economics again. Which has been proven to not work for all. When money is earned by middle-class and poor people, it goes right into the economy, which creates a higher standard of living for all. Even Henry Ford knew he needed to pay his employees enough to buy a Ford.



Noisy, selfish adults

I would like to thank Pat Jones for raising the problem of loud, obnoxious vehicles on our city streets. Perhaps in North Little Rock, contacting the police has an effect. However, in Little Rock, there does not seem to be the will to address the growing problem of vehicular noise eroding the quality of life in the city. I have tried calling the police, but nothing has been done to enforce the noise ordinances in my neighborhood.

As any good parent knows, if children are allowed to break the little rules with no consequences, they will continue to push their limits. It is no different with the immature, selfish adults who would engage in this rude behavior. How far will some of them push the limits until there are consequences?

I am totally behind improving the quality of life in Little Rock by expanding early childhood education, the zoo, and all the other things that we're being asked to fund through a penny sales tax. But I am considering voting no because I don't see any effort to do the simple things to maintain, much less improve, the quality of life here.


Little Rock

Nothing but cowards

It appears to me that the Republicans behave like cowards. A coward is one who fears honesty, avoids strong people, takes advantage of people of unequal status, manipulates people with words, never apologizes for their wrongs, and blames others for everything.

An African proverb says, "Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale will always glorify the hunter." The Republicans are the hunter, stalking women and Black and brown people.

All history is important and should represent the facts. The scripture in Isaiah tells us to remember your history, your long and rich history. We know that "The Great Exodus" is in scripture but was eliminated by the Pharaoh from his records.

It seems The 1619 Project and critical race theory are being hidden and eliminated from American history. The concerted cowardly efforts to hide truth regarding the inhumane atrocities inflicted upon enslaved people perpetrated through generational tyranny continues. The beatings, lynchings and attacks against Black people to prevent them from voting is documented. The literacy test and poll tax were specifically designed to prevent them from voting. Today, new laws were enacted to deny water and food while waiting to vote, including shortening voting days.

But truth is like oil; no matter how much water you pour on it, it always floats. These Republicans create their own laws while engaging in selective persecution of others. Punishing pregnant females while their own dastardly deeds are hidden. Creating sinister laws to intimidate people.

Cowardly Republicans are financed by wealthy cowards who prove their avarice is the root of evil. Cowardice does not prolong life, and money is not medicine for death. We fear God, not cowards.


Little Rock

On misinformation

Thank you, Democrat-Gazette, for your weekly "Not the News" page on Sundays. With the amount of misinformation going around, maybe you could make that a daily second front page.

Speaking of misinformation, perhaps you could enlarge the label "Opinion" above the opinion writers' columns. Maybe 48 point and red ink. While most of these esteemed columnists give examples or documentation to support their views, others seem to have no problem simply pontificating with no fact-checking. Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion, but please, Mr. Gitz, tell us why or how you come to your viewpoints. Or just keep writing about the Rolling Stones. Can't go far wrong there.


Prairie Grove

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