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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Don't kill messenger | It's free advertising | Setting up a hat trick

September 16, 2021 at 2:55 a.m.

Don't kill messenger

I hear/read a lot about our need to find common ground in our politics and public debates. It seems to me that logic and reason should be a good starting point. One step in that direction would be to avoid/eliminate a major road block called "argumentum ad hominem" or "argument of the man," meaning the fallacious argument that attacks not an opponent's position, but his motives or character.

I see this so very often regarding the very important topics such as gun safety, abortion, voting issues, and more recently vaccinations and the wearing of masks to control the covid-19 pandemic. In each case we seem to avoid the basic issues involved and only attack each other by name, title, or character.

It appears to me that there is real common ground if we only play by the rules of logic, reason and common sense and avoid the ad hominem fallacy. As the well-worn adage goes, "it's the message, not the messenger." Even our governor seems guilty of the fallacy when he declares that the "government" should not mandate vaccinations and masks but then states that he supports vaccination and the wearing of masks as effective ways to limit the spread of the virus. My question is, if it's a good idea, why is it not a good idea if the "government " requires it?


Little Rock

It's free advertising

Channel 7 certainly seems to be giving gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders a lot of airtime/coverage. I hope it plans to give all the other candidates the same amount of coverage to at least keep up the appearance of being fair and balanced. Those on both sides of the aisle should get equal coverage so Arkansas voters can make an informed decision come November 2022. It certainly appears at this point in the campaign that Channel 7 is on Mrs. Sanders' team. Is it just hoping free coverage now will equal campaign dollars down the road?


North Little Rock

Setting up a hat trick

A hat trick is a sports term which has acquired common usage when something happens three times. The most popular use is in hockey when a player achieves the rare feat of scoring three goals. A natural hat trick is the designation when an event occurs three times in succession.

With the failure of the just-voted-on 1 percent Little Rock sales tax, I expect Mayor Frank Scott will pull a natural hat trick and deny city employees a raise for the third straight year.


Little Rock

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