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Wild Wines 2021

by Janet Carson September 20, 2021 at 7:20 a.m.

I am sad to say, I haven't been to the LR zoo in a long time. A friend asked if I wanted to go to a fund raiser, and of course, I said yes. Wild Wines is one of the largest fund raisers the zoo has each year.

A two night event, the first night VIP only and then the Mane Event on Saturday, which is what we attended. Both nights feature wine selected ansd sponsored by O'Looney's Wine and Liquor, and each night had different local restaurants providing food. The stations were set up throughout the zoo. I was very impressed with all the improvements that have been made at the zoo.

I need to go when the sun is shining so I can see everything.

As much as we needed rain, this event was an outdoor event. An hour before we were slated to go, the skies turned black, thunder and lightning rolled in, and the rain poured down. Luckily for all involved, (but not as fortunate for our gardens), the rain moved out as fast as it moved in. By the time we were walking in the skies were clear. As you walked in, there was a welcoming sparking wine in your souvenir glass that you used the whole night.

Jungle music was playing,

and photo ops awaited.

We meandered through the zoo, sampling a wide array of wines and food. Various music performers were scattered throughout for your enjoyment.

Volunteers had some of the zoo's inhabitants on display as well.

We ran into a number of people we knew, and made a few new friends. I got to meet the zoo director Susan Altrui.

She said there were 300 in attendance on Friday, and 600 on Saturday. Everyone was having a wonderful time. Before the event was over, one of the transformers blew and the zoo went dark for a bit.

Generators kicked in to light zoo buildings, but not the smaller tent venues. By the time that happened, we were ready to go anyway.

Because of covid, the silent auction was online only. A few items are still open for bidding, along with donations for zoo equipment.

This was a great event, and we will be back next year!


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