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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: About our condition | On prescription meds | She'd be worst choice

September 22, 2021 at 3:33 a.m.

About our condition

I rarely hear a conversation that does not get around to the condition of America. The complaints are real and identifiable. Our education system is turning out people who cannot comprehend what they read, cannot make change, do not know the difference between the General Assembly and Congress, nor know who their senators and representatives are.

Our health-care system is an expensive mess. I have heard more than one person say every month that Medicare pays a doctor they have never seen. One woman said she had seen a cardiologist and when he was leaving the examining room, he noticed the payer was Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield. He turned around and said more tests needed to be done. Of course she declined.

Our Justice Department is considered a not-funny joke. We have lawmakers who own stock in some companies who provide goods and services to the prison system, therefore have a vested interest in assuring a constant supply of inmates needing such goods and services. We have more people incarcerated than any other country has or ever had. We have multiple layers of law enforcement--city police, county sheriffs, state police, DEA, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and others, yet we are no more secure than we have ever been.

If this is not what we want, then we need to get all new policymakers. It's up to us.



On prescription meds

Your reader George Smith provided some amusement when he claimed that prescription meds from Mexico and Canada were cheaper than ours because "this country's created a system that does not make drug companies accountable for exorbitant pricing."

Really? Uh, remember the covid-19 vaccines that were developed in Mexico and Canada? Me neither. In fact, I don't think either country has ever developed a drug for anything. When you have no R&D expenses to recover, you can keep prices artificially low. Fortunately for the entire world, Big Pharma in the USA isn't Canada or Mexico.



Purpose: Instill fear

For a long time I've thought that the purpose of journalism these days is to make sure we are afraid, very afraid. A recent morning's front-page story certainly confirmed that thought. This line was in that story: "As of Tuesday, 1 in every 81 Tennesseans had tested positive for the virus in the past week ..." This means, of course, that 80 of every 81 Tennesseans did not test positive for the virus.

Could we not see reporting done in that way? Even percentages would help to put it in perspective: 1 in 81 is 1.2 percent of Tennesseans. But we must be afraid, "be afraid, be very afraid."


Cherokee Village

She'd be worst choice

Democrats, remember what we did in 1990?

I would like to applaud the comments of Louise Henderson about what would become of Arkansas if Sarah Huckabee Sanders should become governor. Ms. Henderson is so right. Sanders could not govern; all she could spout is "the radical left." She will not supply ideas, and avoids venues where she is asked specific questions. All she knows is against radical left.

What would Sanders do with expanded Medicaid/Medicare? That's the radical left and must be stopped, with no regard that it helps poor people and has for years.

What other programs with federal funds would she do away with? The national covid recovery funds, federal aid to education, numerous federally funded programs for the benefit of Arkansans? The radical left has to go.

Sanders knows nothing of government and would be the worst choice of all. The morons in the state Legislature who think they can make federal law void in Arkansas for states' rights would let her cancel anything. Sanders has only been the wind-up doll for a madman. Arkansas would be taken back to the 1930s. Cancel Arkansas as a functioning state.

Democrats, remember what we did in 1990 to get rid of Tommy Robinson?


Little Rock

Making it hard to vote

I am 94 years of age and have voted in every election since 1945. I take pride in that. Needless to say. I was very disappointed to learn that my recent sales-tax vote did not count. Apparently, I failed to submit a photo ID with my absentee ballot.

For some of us, it is not so easy getting a photo ID. I understand I could have submitted a photo of my driver's license issued within the last four years, or I could have gone to the revenue office or the county clerk's office to get an ID. That is not easy to do when you don't drive.

Why are we making it harder for some of us to vote? Have we seen a flood of illegal absentee ballots in recent elections? Is this a real problem? All I know is this feels very un-American to me.


Little Rock

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