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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Sure, it's your choice | Arrivals, departures | In need of a rescue

September 23, 2021 at 2:54 a.m.

Sure, it's your choice

So you don't want to get vaccinated? I get it. You feel it's an invasion of your free choice. I get it.

What I don't get is how anyone can be so selfish. I don't get that you are not only putting yourself at risk, but you are risking the lives of others. Because you contracted covid and have to be hospitalized, someone else is not getting the surgery they need. Or not getting a treatment they need. Emergency care is being interrupted because you have to have a hospital bed. A grandparent or parent that just suffered a heart attack dies because there wasn't room at the hospital. I really wish we could refuse treatment to you due to the fact you were too selfish to get the shot.

Don't blame anyone but yourself if you give this virus to a loved one and they die. No problem, though, because you are smarter than all the medical wizards in the world. Eventually covid will go away; it'll be a while, though. It'll run its course as smallpox did; those who didn't get vaccinated died. It's your choice.


Cammack Village

Arrivals, departures

Arriving at Gate 12: 100,000-plus Afghans--welcome. Departing at Gate 9: 10,000-plus Haitians--reason, skin too dark. Have a nice trip back home, sorry about the horses and whips. America's immigration policy.


Little Rock

In need of a rescue

Is Washington, D.C., the center of concentrated insanity? Are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer attempting by deed and omission to sabotage our country and way of life?

It seems they are attempting with promises and gifts to retain power over the common sense of voters.

What can we do to rescue our country now?

Oh, Lord, deliver us.


Little Rock

Value facts, science

Since the days of Newt Gingrich, the Republican Party has used white male anger and grievance to rile up its base. It has been very effective at this, leading many to do and say things simply because they want to own the libs. Since anger is generally only socially acceptable from white males, the Democratic Party has been slow to use anger as a tactic. Rare incidents of anger from a woman like Hillary Clinton or a Black man like Barack Obama predictably raised eyebrows on the right.

Strident? Uppity? You name it. They were criticized with abandon.

Fast-forward to 2020-21, where white men (and now some women) have picked up the call to anger in refusing masks, ranting about shutdowns and rejecting vaccinations that, according to science, both save lives and decrease the load on health-care workers. Many proudly call themselves pro-life as they endanger themselves and every person with whom they come in contact. Some sit in school board meetings, chewing gum and smirking, as a young student mourns the death of his grandmother from covid. Some are belligerent physically and verbally when asked to comply with public health guidelines in schools, workplaces and other public arenas. The result? Arkansas recently was shown in the top five states per capita in covid cases.

Perhaps it is time for vaccinated Americans, most of whom are Democrats, to get angry as well. A majority of Arkansas Democrats, independents and even a few Republicans have followed these guidelines. Those who didn't put all of us at risk. We should get angry! Raise your voices. Take that anger to the polls and only vote for politicians who followed the science. In Arkansas, that would mean a pretty clean sweep. A state government that values facts and science? Priceless.


Little Rock

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