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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Remaking America | It's about the science | No 'alternative' facts

September 26, 2021 at 1:50 a.m.

Remaking America

I do not know who or what is in charge of the current administration. I believe it is most certainly not Joe Biden, because the border and spending crises cannot be attributed to mere incompetence or incoherence. I think the reason the titular president and vice president have not been to the border is that the situation there is going precisely as intended. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott fails to grasp this simple fact. Washington is trying to remake middle "red state" America.

I have nothing against Haitians, but 20,000 showing up in Del Rio, Texas, is not an accident. The effort to spend trillions at levels unimaginable only a few years ago also is not coincidental. I believe this is an attack on the Republican middle-class base itself, designed to cause hyperinflation, destroy the dollar and crash the economy, a la Venezuela. Anyone who has taken Econ I can figure that out. Throw in the possible federal takeover of elections and you can see what is in the works.

Poor Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are modern-day Robespierres trying to stay one step ahead of the mob and its guillotine (I recall he was unsuccessful). The Chamber of Commerce Republican leadership talking about its "friends across the aisle" is completely clueless to the radicals who want to wipe them out. What your gumshoe lead editorialist calls "immigration reform" is amnesty for undocumented Democrats, and "climate change" legislation is the Green New Deal and a takeover of the energy sector of the economy. They call it compassion, but their goal is control and a one-party state, which they hasten to accomplish before the 2022 midterms. As Emerson (no kin) said, a man on thin ice has to move fast.


Little Rock

It's about the science

Our current health-care situation is not a Democrat versus Repulican problem. It's an anti-science versus science problem.

Science always wins.



No 'alternative' facts

When asked about Donald Trump's misinformation, adviser Kellyanne Conway said it was based on "alternative" facts.

There is no such thing as alternative facts. The sun is not the moon and night is not day. Facts are based on truth, and Trump omits the truth and blames others for his losses.

I hope Sarah Sanders finds out what truth is before she gets in the governor's office.


North Little Rock

They're thinking of us

As a voter with no political affiliation, I am tired of listening to the disparaging comments by conservatives regarding the Democratic Party.

I am proud for the way Democrats stand up for protecting a woman's body, and the methodical dismemberment of live tissue and living brain matter. Of course they profess to be devout Catholics, Protestants, etc. I am also happy for their stance on never-ending rental relief. I was glad to give up my small rental income that supplemented my retirement so my tenants could live rent-free for over a year. I am thankful for the trillions of dollars the Democratic Party plans to give our citizens during a time when every business is looking for help. What joy is there being gainfully employed? I am delighted this party allows me to wake up each morning and let me, not God, decide what gender I will be today. My only confusion is if I happen to walk in front of the mirror as I get out of my shower. I am grateful to realize the shame of my color and how I don't deserve anything that I have worked for over the past 50 years. I envision this wretched, racist country will soon be great again under Democratic leadership like Russia, China, and Iran.

Most of all, I applaud the Democrats' bravery in standing up to God and taking him out of every public institution, including schools. This takes guts, and our country is in debt to the Democrats for this action. Prayer is a waste of time compared to studying critical race theory or The 1619 Project. Conservatives/Americans need to be more empathetic to the principles of the Democratic Party and embrace the changes that will surely make us a world power once again!


Fairfield Bay

Stuck with him now

Biden voters: You couldn't handle confidence and bravado so you gave us this? Sheesh!


Little Rock

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