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September 26, 2021 at 2:14 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Aug. 30- Sept. 3:

White Oak Apartments, LLC to White Oak Equity Enterprises, LLC L1-B, Carriage House Development Replat, $22,000,000.

Kanis Realty, LLC to CF KL Assets 2019-2, LLC Ls23R,24R, 1R & 2R B11, Hicks Interurban; Ls19-21 B9, Ls25-26 B1, Ls7-12 & 16-17 B2, L15 B10, L22 B11, L15 B4, Ls13R, 14R & 7-10 B6, L16 B5, Hicks Interurban; Ls20A & 22A B15, Hicks Interurban Replat, $8,800,000.

Winrock International Institute For Agricultural Development to 2101 Riverfront Investments, LLC; Haile Lane, LLC, Lot RH-7A, Riverdale; Tract RH-7, Riverdale Replat Unrecorded, $5,300,000.

Black Water Meadows, LLC to 800 N. Vermont Ave., LLC, Lot B, Walgreen, $3,574,903.

4600 S. University, LLC to Atlas Auto Auction, LLC 4600, S. University Ave, Little Rock, Pt NE 24-1N-13W, $2,200,000.

5750 Commerce Sherwood, LLC to Making Advances, LLC, 5750 Commerce Court, Sherwood, Lot B-3, Sherwood Commercial Park, $1,275,000.

Steve Landers; Sandra L. Landers to Charles George Ennis Gaba; Deanna Rae Swick Gaba, 153 Hickory Creek Circle, Little Rock, L62, Hickory Creek Phase III, $1,250,000.

Wilder Holding Company, LLC; 5319 Country Club Blvd., LLC; 5323 Country Club Blvd, LLC to Bright Jett, LLC 5319/ 5323 Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, Ls5-6 B19, Newton, $1,100,000.

McArthur Properties, LLC to Teakwood Manor, LLC L24, Teakwood Section C, $1,008,000.

RQM, LLC to Brandon Mark Mann; Rachel Renee Mann, 69 Falstone Drive, Little Rock, L29 B136, Chenal Valley, $715,220.

Cooterneck Investments, LLC to Alexander James Kavanagh; Lesley Anne Murphy, 5123 R St., Little Rock, L12 B2, McGehee, $695,000.

Thomas Michael Lee, Jr. to Uday Shergill, 48 Mirabel Court, Little Rock, L3 B105, Chenal Valley, $644,500.

Holton Family, LLC to Richard Nix; Julie Nix, Lot D32 B13, Chenal Valley, $585,000.

Bullwinkle, LLC to Matthew White; Kelly White; Matthew And Kelly White Family Trust, Pt NE SW 24-2N-14W, $582,000.

Brisas Del Norte, LLC to BTB Vitae, LLC 4001 Camp Robinson Road, North Little Rock, Lot C, Ketzscher's Replat- Henry, $580,000.

iRemodel Properties, LLC to Rain Investments 1, LLC, 5 Cliffwood Circle, North Little Rock, L39 B1, Broadview; L21, Riverview, $540,000.

Doug Gwatney; Brandy Gwatney to James Howard Crimmins, Jr., 2001 W. Justice Road, Cabot, Pt NW SE 1-4N-11W, $525,000.

Bradley Ray Reach to Clint Austin Howe; Mauricio Martinez, 38 Epernay Circle, Little Rock, L13 B79, Chenal Valley, $495,000.

Turner And Sons Construction Co., Inc. to Jeffrey Zern; Rochelle M. Zern, 132 Caurel Circle, Little Rock, L42 B56, Chenal Valley, $476,000.

Howell Taillac; Kathy Taillac to Ashley Coleman; Jonathan Coleman, 8 Berwyn Drive, Little Rock, L111, Robinwood, $475,000.

Bella Casa, LLC to Julie M. Riley; Brian T. Heap, Pt SE SW 1-2N-14W, $460,000.

Deborah J. Baldwin; Deborah J. Baldwin Revocable Trust to Michael A. Thompson; Virginia C. Thompson, 1418 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, L7 B2, Fairfax Terrace, $460,000.

Celia Cupp Baker; The Celia Cupp Baker Trust to Julia Stevenson, 72 Duclair Court, Little Rock, L36 B3, Chenal Valley, $450,000.

Big Wig Investment, LLC to 1502 E. Kiehl, LLC, Pt NE SE 6-2N-11W, $436,362.

Martin Kraig Sanders; Cathy Oldham Sanders to James Shaw; Michele Shaw, 206 Linwood Court, Little Rock, L8 B1, Crystal Court, $432,000.

Deborah Kay Bell; Deborah Kay Bell Revocable Trust Declaration to Michael Dylan Little, 411 Wellington Woods Loop, Little Rock, L43 B11, The Villages Of Wellington, $420,000.

HRPG Homes, LLC to Suresh Raj Thiagarajan, 102 Belles Fleurs Blvd, Little Rock, L37, Belles Fleurs, $420,000.

Brandi Yarberry to Tammy G. Lipke, 116 Chelle Lane, Little Rock, L33 B61, Chenal Valley, $415,000.

Jeffery S. Chandler; Carole K. Chandler to Christopher Todd Brown; Brooks Freeman Brown, 13216 Fairway Village Court, Little Rock, L2, Fairway Village, $405,000.

Bruce Engel Construction, Inc. to Blake Stuart Smith; Hammah Katherine Smith, 2940 Marble Cove, Sherwood, L11 B1, Stonehill Phase IV, $402,000.

Kay Kelley Arnold; The Kay Kelley Arnold Trust to James Frank Clark, Apt 5., Townhouses In The Park HPR, $399,900.

Sean Carlock; Erica Carlock to Young Hee Park 7100 Lucea Road, Little Rock, L4, Callaghan Creek, $395,000.

Brian Hardin to Kenneth Joseph Hiegel, III; Amy Lynn Hiegel 22 Wingate Drive, Little Rock, L22, Wingate $392,000 9/1/21

Zeynep F. Nisanci; Ibrahim Nisanci to Rafael Edgardo Estrella; Wilma Castro, 15 Village Grove Road, Little Rock, L7 B6, The Villages Of Wellington, $387,500.

Donna M. Bosley; Christie Ann White; P. E. Munnerlyn Share 2 Trust to Scott/Erquiaga Trust, 9701 N Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, L1, Munnerlyn, $375,000.

Randy M. Tolbert; Robyn M. Tolbert to Lance Patterson; Heather Patterson 86 Aberdeen Drive, Little Rock, L2 B22, Chenal Valley, $374,000.

Stephen P. Erwin, Jr.; Kristin M. Erwin to Lou A. Bray; Patricia H. Fisher, 2508 Whitewood Drive, Sherwood, L62 B4, Creekside, $369,900.

Marcia Renee Baxley; Watkins-Frowick Family Irrevocable Trust to Victor A Riley; Carolyn A Lawrence, 23 Montagne Court Little Rock, L58, Montagne Court Phase II, $369,000.

Anthony Jerome Ringgold; Yvette Ringgold to Shanez Ware, 161 Ridgeview Trail, Maumelle, L35 B1, Ridgeview Trails Phase I, $360,000.

Dan F. Stowers; Wanda Sue Stowers; Dan F. Stowers And Wanda Sue Stowers Joint Revocable Trust to Ecumenical Buddhist Society, 1516 W. Third St., Little Rock, Ls8-9 B6, Deaf Mute, $350,000.

W. 68th St., LLC to 6615 Murray St., LLC, Pt SE 29-1N-12W, $350,000.

Jeremiah D. Penland; Lauren E. Penland to Alana Theresa Pugliese, 9533 Johnson Drive, Sherwood, L151, Millers Crossing Phase 3, $345,000.

Russell D. Milam; Quenna L. Milam to Caleb D Milam; Kaitlyn A. Milam, 13719 Beckenham Drive, Little Rock, L102, Hillsborough Phase 6, $343,000.

Xiu Ye to 2100 Brookwood, LLC, Unit 4, Round River HPR, $340,000.

Lou Ann Bray to Jason L. Woodward; Angela M. Woodward ,9425 Westlake Circle, Sherwood, L41, Millers Crossing Phase I, $340,000.

Andrew Joel Belanger; Tamara Lynn Belanger to Bjorn Simmons; Kanesha Critton/Ranesha Critton, 6817 Gap Point Circle, Sherwood, L24 B3, Gap Creek, $330,000.

Alan Holk to Jason Goicoechea; Tara Goicoechea, 55 Coronado Circle, North Little Rock, L54 B20, Indian Hills, $325,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Hannah Hefferman; David Watterson, 26 Short Leaf Lane, Little Rock, L26 B3, Copper Run Phase II, $325,000.

April N. Shattles to Angela York, 153 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L3 B21, Maumelle Valley Estates, $320,000.

Titan General Contractors, LLC to Jeremy Deegan, Pt NW SW 31-3N-10W, $317,500.

David Kilton; Christina Kilton; Robert Hatch to Joan Ahlgrim; John Peter Ahlgrim 13300 Abinger Drive, Little Rock, L31, Hillsborough, $315,000.

Ives Custom Homes, LLC to Brian James Woobank; Catherine Rose Woobank L123, Lochridge Estates Phase 2, $310,300.

Sammy D. Ewing; Starletta Ewing to Eric R. James, 11 Toulouse Court Maumelle, L1268, The Quarters- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 20, $305,000.

Donna Dawson to Yash Pal Rattu; Ranjit Kaur, 4318 W. Markham St, Little Rock, L8, Blankenship's- Glendale, $300,000.

Terry G. King; Terry G. King Revocable Trust to Jordan J. Patrick, 20 Carrollton Court Little Rock, L19, Carrollton, $282,500.

Tony Thurman, Jr.; Kahleelah Powell; Leah Thurman to Laura Lindley, 301 Pumice Drive, Sherwood, L26 B8, Stonehill Phase IV, $281,900.

Danny Tweedy; LaTonia Tweedy to Monalyn Kearney, 93 Kingspark Road, Little Rock, L300, Colony West 3rd, $280,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to John D. Schwankhaus, MD; Nancy N. Schwankhaus; The Schwankhaus Living Trust, L41, Carnahan Village, $269,900.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Jenna Valdez; Carlos A. Arizpe Perez 106 Lydia Drive, Maumelle, L42, Carnahan Village, $269,900.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Kernesha Hunt; Krystal Selders, 5401 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L5, Jaxon Terrace Phase 12, $268,000.

Andre F. Moore; Marni R. Moore to Brenda J. Green, 9217 Wooded Acres Circle, Sherwood, L26, Miller's Crossing Phase I, $265,000.

Susan Fitzsimmons; Robert Fitzsimmons(dec'd) to Anna McCulloch; Andrew Burton, 11 Cambay Court Little Rock, L177, St. Charles, $264,000.

Christopher David Hirschy; Tracey S. Hirschy to Michael Mann; Amanda Mann, 20 Hogan Loop, Maumelle, L17 B8, Maumelle Club Manor, $259,900.

Stephen M. Farr; Julie Amanda Farr to Connie Sue Barber; Diane Marie Barber, 10819 Rocky Creek Drive, Sherwood. L54, Hidden Creek, $255,000.

Vince Logan Hannon; Debra S. Hannon to JWJ Investments, LLC Pt W/2 SE NW 6-2N-11W, $252,500.

Map Properties Little Rock, LLP to Leslie Loree Valentine, 2210 Center St., Little Rock, L11 B19, Fulton, $252,000.

William D. Timmons; Tommie Timmons to Tony R. Armour, 26 Edgewater Court, Jacksonville, L4-Z, Pennpointe Phase II, $252,000.

Thomas Young; Sarah Young to Linda Lewis, L13, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $250,000.

Douglas W. Duty; Robyn R. Duty to Christopher Handy; Megan Handy, 164 Obsidian Drive, Sherwood. L9 B9, Stonehill Phase II, $250,000.

Christian C. Michaels; Mary C. Michaels; Glynda Whitmeyer to Clementine Infante, 8101 Lowell Lane, Little Rock, L30, Sheraton Park Section B, $250,000.

Jerry L. McAdoo; Marion D. McAdoo to Kenneth A Drake; Gudlaug J. Drake, 1407 Country Club Road, Sherwood, L21 B2, East Meadow, $250,000.

Holly Edwards; David Edwards to Patrick Armour, 103 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L81, Bentley Court Phase II, $247,500.

Eric J. Jordan; Kimberly Griggs-Jordan; North Star Family Trust to Danny Wilson; Theta Wilson, Unit 1208, River Market Towerr HPR, $245,000.

Dave R. Miller; Bayley J. Miller to Zachary Gerald Charles Johnson; James R. Miller 231 Nantucket Loop, Maumelle. L2 B3, Villages At New Bedford Phase 2, $243,000.

Joyce D. Greb; Tom A. Greb to Terry S. Leslie; Teresa J. Leslie 29 Stanwood Loop, North Little Rock, L23, Stanwood, $242,500.

Edward Francis Cassidy; Tami Anne Cassidy to Josiah Scandle; Jennifer Scandle, 1813 Reveille Circle, Jacksonville, L207, Base Meadows Phase IA, $241,500.

Dion Watson; Trenna Watson to Haley N. Roberson 5909, Base Meadows Drive, Jacksonville, L68, Base Meadows Phase 1B, $240,000.

Dwayne Macon; Ronyn L. Macon to Teresa M. Gillespie, 14407 Wimbledon Loop, Little Rock, L1002, Fairway Woods Phase V, $240,000.

Jonette Toole Davis to Barry Barnes, 109 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock, L17 B4, Taylor Park Phase II, $239,500.

Robert Fisher; Rebekeh Fisher to Cheryl K. Donahue, 134 Vienne Place, Maumelle, L1401, Montmartre- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 21A, $237,000.

Ayasha Thomason; Ayasha Stewart to Charla Mayo Dumas, 7200 Richwood Road, Little Rock, L439, Kingwood Place; Pt SW NW 25-2N-13W, $236,000.

Liz Hamilton; Evan Hamilton to Kevin W. Conley; Dawn M. Conley, 6800 Flintrock Road, North Little Rock, Ls19-20 B20, Indian Hills, $235,000.

Mary K. Stone; Christopher L. Stone to Benjamin D. Williamson, 131 Booker St., Little Rock, L16 B1, CS Stifft, $235,000.

Clayton R. Anderson to Sarah Juchems; Benjamin Zeller, 121 Ridgeland Drive, Maumelle, L142, North Ridge, $235,000.

Lance Patterson to William H. Vickers; Ponnee S. Vickers, 13103 Morrison Road, Little Rock, L249, Marlowe Manor Phase IV, $235,000.

Robert David Mitchell; Suzie Mitchell; Timothy D. Mitchell; Britney Mitchell to Jerry Howell; Donna Howell, Pt W/2 & Pt E/2 NE 18-3N-11W, $235,000.

Kelly Lee Rogelstad to Katherine June Yandell, 107 Cannes Court Maumelle, L157, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $225,000.

The Alexander Group, LLC to Lakesha Foote, 11101 Cypress Crossing, North Little Rock, L220, Cypress Crossing, $225,000.

Jacob White; Paige White to Toni Phinisey-Webber; Evan Denzel Webber, 1515 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L3, Westhampton, $225,000.

Candace C. Brown; Ronald Lee Brown(dec'd) to Albert Hemphill; Alyson Hemphill, 1201 W. 35th St, Little Rock, Ls1-2 & 13-14 B51, Braddock's Boulevard, $225,000.

Robinson Investment Properties, LLC to Ashley Margaret Johnson, 3023 S. Main St, Little Rock, L14 B1, South Main Street, $222,000.

Jason M. Ronza; Mandy L. Ronza to Christopher Allen McDonald; Billy Zellner 12500 Misty Creek Drive, Little Rock, L4 B10, Cherry Creek, $220,000.

Sandra C. George to Jacob K. McKee, 7017 Ponderosa Drive, North Little Rock, L28 B26, Indian Hills, $219,900.

John P. Marks to Eric Troppoli; Cecilia Troppoli L8 B3, Cedar Ridge, $218,000.

Patricia S. Hitt; Patricia S. Hitt Living Trust to Eddie Schmeckenbecher; Melissa Schmeckenbecher, 11330 Bainbridge Drive, Little Rock, L12 B6, Walton Heights, $215,000.

Jon David Parkinson to Yashika G. Watson, 1008 Talihana Drive, North Little Rock, L107, Indian Hills West, $215,000.

Christopher C. Poff to Emily A. Crow; Forrest T. Dunkum, 6220 H St., Little Rock, L5, Pleasant Hill Blk 5, $211,000.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Mario Ferruzzi; Kimberly Ferruzzi 3700 Cantrell Road, Unit 408, Little Rock, Unit 408, Riviera HPR, $210,000.

Kenneth Myers; Jessica Johnston-Myers to Douglas Kamarade, 1905 Clapboard Hill Road, Little Rock, L99, Sturbridge Phase II, $210,000.

Leonard Bernard Wilson; Melanie Gail Wilson to Shujun Jiang; Zhixin Wang, L11 B3, Countryside, $206,500.

Hedwig A. Davis; Ralph A Davis(dec'd); Anne Downey Davis to Hattie Elizabeth Barton, 604 S. Valentine St, Little Rock, L2 B12, CO Kimball And Bodeman, $205,000.

Valeria Bryant; Estate Of Sydni Rae Barnes(dec'd) to Cong Nguyen, 1901 Reveille Circle, Jacksonville, L205, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $205,000.

Erika Kent to Geoffrey Robson, 108 Melrose Circle, North Little Rock, L9 B1, Melrose Place, $200,000.

Richard G. Hooper to Layne Thomas, 2800 Reynard Road, Little Rock, Ls6-7, Beechwood Estates, $200,000.

Angela Lopez Martinez to Elizabeth Sutherland, 1905 Saratoga Drive, North Little Rock, L22 B30, Indian Hills, $198,000.

Kaylon Preston Buckley; Meagan Brianna Buckley to Trevor Marshall Rester; Odom Leigh Restor, 608 E. Devon Ave., Sherwood, L27 B314, Park Hill NLR, $197,000,

Allen D. Kurtz; Tammye S. Kurtz to Adrian M. Dalumpines; Czarina Dalumpines, 42 Walnut Valley Drive, Little Rock, L69, Walnut Valley, $194,800.

Amber Haynes to Arletha Carey, 2504 Austin Oaks Drive, Sherwood. L29, Hunter's Ridge, $190,000.

Frank LeBlanc; Donna LeBland; The Frank And Donna LeBlanc Living Trust to Carole Tillman, Apt. 104, Cambridge Place HPR, $190,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Sarah Mikula, 10220 Lori Kaye Drive, North Little Rock, L35, Country Club Of Arkansas Phase 25-A, $189,390.

JMC Properties, LLC to Laura Claire Fiser; Seth Woodruff, 1015 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L5 B18, Gibralter Heights $189,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Angela Thomas, 111 Giselle Drive, Little Rock, L49, Wisteria, $187,835.

Meredith M. Duke; Troy D. Duke; Shannon Duke to Jerry Gwendolyn Gaudet Helbig, L11 B7, Hollenberg, $185,000.

CSW, LLC to Tracy Lenore Bounds, 6619 Longwood Road, Cammack Village. L42, Cammack Woods, $185,000.

Kenneth A. Drake; Duglaug J. Drake to Justin Braswell; Anna Braswell, L20, Northlake Phase I, $184,500.

Holly F. Ruddy; James W. Ruddy to Reed D. Williams, 1000 Mesquite Trail, Jacksonville, L6 B8, Jaxon Terrace Phase 7, $184,000.

Billy Jean Williams; Leticia Lobpo Duvivier to Chancellor O'Neal Taylor; Celedonio Nieto Esquivel, III, 6109 Greenbank Road, North Little Rock, L53 B1, Green Hills $181,000.

Massey Homes, Inc. to Michael Brown; Alysse Brown, 9027 Jacksonville Cato Road, Sherwood, Pt NW SW 20-3N-11W, $180,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to BSFR III Owner I, LLC, 12320 Vision Court, North Little Rock, L520, Faulkner Crossing Phase 10.

James M. Spears to New Town Holdings, LLC 1700 E. Sixth St., Little Rock, Ls10-12 B19, Garland, $172,750.

Jiahm Lee; Reyna Lee to Christopher A Cooper, 19 Deer Creek Drive, Jacksonville, L44, Deer Creek Phase 1, $170,101 .

Agustin Fernandez; Carmen J. Fernandez to Raul G. Fernandez, L14 B12, Fulton, $170,000.

Marilyn Vaughan; Marilyn Vaughan Revocable Trust to Ruth Ann Ryan, 909 E. 55th Place, North Little Rock, L2 B7, Pike View, $169,900.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Natasha Taylor, 1901 Tiger Lily Lane, North Little Rock, L500, Faulkner Crossing Phase 10, $169,900.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Jerrimy Reshaun Hunter, 11 Laney Loop, Little Rock, L16, Stagecoach Meadows, $168,500.

Leisa C. House; Warren House to Christopher L. Coker; Julie A. Coker; Sandra Gail Ott, 5001 Burrow Drive, North Little Rock, L7 B1, Lakewood Northeast, $167,000.

Ryan Castrellon to RW Ventures, LLC Ls1-2 B2, Oak Grove, $165,000.

Rock City Houses, LLC to Kimberly Easley; Jason Christopher Disterdick, 4213 Idlewild Ave., North Little Rock, L15 B62, Park Hill NLR, $165,000.

Keech Properties, LLC to Jackson Oulch; Olivia Oulch, 408 W. K Ave., North Little Rock, L32 B53, Park Hill NLR, $164,000.

Aaron T. Catt to Guillermo Vargas; Amy Berrones 1229, Melrose Drive, Jacksonville, L24F, Parkview, $160,000.

Marene Waters Hearst; Marene Waters Living Trust to Clair R. Young, 1304 Stagecoach Village, Little Rock, L70, Stagecoach Village Tract A Phase 2, $160,000.

Kevin Johnson; Lashay Johnson to LaShonda Nowden, 6001 Pecan Lake Road, Little Rock, L72, Pecan Lake, $160,000.

Fred E. Wright; Jana L. Wright; Wright Living Trust to Martha Courtney Coulter 1 Oakridge Drive, Maumelle, L1, Rolling Oaks Phase I Of Phase II, $159,000.

BJR Group, Inc. to BSFR III Owner I, LLC L2 B5, Autumnrbook Annex, $159,000.

Daniel N. Chaves to Bart Calhoun; Laura Calhoun 3215 Ludwig St, Little Rock, L19 B127, John Barrow, $157,500.

Daniel N. Chaves to Bart Calhoun; Laura Calhoun 3219 Ludwig St, Little Rock, L11 B172, John Barrow, $157,500.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Big Lost 32, LLC L21, Wisteria, $157,450.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Bowknot 36, LLC L19, Wisteria, $157,450.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Boulder Chain 10, LLC L39, Wisteria, $157,450.

REI Nation, LLC to Shawn Bass, 24 Daven Court Little Rock, L10, Castle Cove, $155,000.

Blake William Townsend; Shannon Townsend to Gary Haar, L3 B5, Queensbrook, $155,000.

Larry E. Kircher; The Larry E. Kircher Revocable Trust to Patricia Hitt, 700 E. Ninth St., Condo 8M, Little Rock, Apt. 8M, Quapaw Tower HPR, $153,500.

Charlotte Bujarski Halter; Paul David Halter Family Trust to Mark Andrews; Laurie Andrews, L31 B207, Park Hill NLR $152,000.

Robert David Mitchell; Suzie Mitchell; Timothy D. Mitchell; Britney Mitchell to Howell Properties, LLC Pt NE 18-3N-11W, $150,000.



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