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Zoom, zoom, zoom!

by Janet Carson September 26, 2021 at 1:24 p.m.

Zooming is now a part of everyday life. While the technology was used before covid, since covid, it has become quite commonplace--too bad I didn't buy stock. This week, I zoomed for my weekly Sunday School class, a two-day Master Gardener leadership conference, my online book club,

an AARP seminar on smart technology for cars, a library sponsored talk with Kristin Hannah (which I thought was at 7 pm central time, when in fact it was 7 p.m. Eastern time, so I have to watch the recording), a women’s self-help seminar, and a mini-family reunion. Zoom has opened up so many opportunities to learn in the comfort of your home. It saves on travel time, it allows us to “see” family and friends that don’t live in our community and it keeps us connected. Will it ever replace face-to-face 100% of the time, I certainly hope not, but it is a great tool. An added bonus, is that if you miss the events live, many are recorded and you get to listen to them again later or as a refresher—or if you got the time wrong!

In addition to all my zooming this week, I did get some face-to-face time in too. Martha Ray and I went to Jazz in the Park in downtown Little Rock

for some great music. We ran into quite a few people we knew. I went to a beautiful and uplifting funeral of a very sweet woman.

We went to a great fund-raiser at St. Joseph’s in NLR Friday evening.

Great food, fellowship and music. I had not been there since Covid and they had moved the store to a new location and it is nice.

The weather could not have been better for all these outdoor events.

To add icing to the cake, I got in a load of fresh lobster from Maine to celebrate National Lobster Day,

which I shared with my lobster loving friend and my family. I started buying fall plants and pumpkins. We lucked into a pop-up pumpkin stand in Lonoke, where I loaded up.

I also got a load of fall vegetables and some fall/winter color. Now I have to start renovating the gardens and getting out my Halloween décor. Can’t wait!

YOLO – Life is grand, but I could use some rain!


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