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OPINION | DRIVETIME MAHATMA: Paving job will rejoin free world

by Frank Fellone | April 2, 2022 at 3:22 a.m.

Dear Mahatma: Why is the paving of Kanis Road between Lowe's and Gamble Road worse than in Third World countries? -- Joe

Dear Joe: Thanks for the trip down Cold War Memory Lane.

Back in that day, there were three worlds -- the Free World, the Communist World, and the Third World. The latter was generally thought of as developing countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa that were aligned with neither the free nor Communist worlds.

What's old is new again. But never mind Ukraine. Let's concentrate on the road question, from which we get an answer from Jon Honeywell, the city's Public Works chief.

Honeywell's staff is well aware of the unsatisfactory conditions of this pave job, he said. Asphalt pavement specifications have not been met.

The staff is documenting pavement conditions to determine what corrective actions the general contractor must do. Once those corrections are complete, the city will again review the finished pavement.

Oh, and Honeywell appreciates the public's patience during this process.

Nice alliteration, for sure.

Dear Mahatma: The new left-turn lane at Rahling Road and Chenal Parkway has been orange-coned for weeks, months, years -- the usable lane with the left arrow gets backed up-- so then the straight arrow laners become left turners. Very dangerous. What could possibly be the delay? Landscaping? A reminder from the one and only Mahatma? -- Straight Arrow

Dear Arrow: City spokesman Spencer Watson secured an explanation from Public Works.

The traffic cones are there because installation of the additional signal heads for the dual left turns has been delayed. The city hopes to have the signal completed soon, or lanes will be reopened to their previous configuration if equipment delays continue for a prolonged period.

Dear Mahatma: It appears the Kanis Road widening project is winding down. Surely there is fine-tuning to be done. At the northeast corner of Kanis and Bowman Road, the west-bound outside lane is blocked by lines but is still used for right turns. At the intersection of Kanis and Cherry Brook Drive, the new road zigs without a corresponding zag. Sidewalks are misaligned in several locations. It looks like something I would have designed. -- David in LR

Dear David: City spokesman Spencer Watson secured an explanation from Public Works. Again.

These matters will be resolved in an upcoming project, on which bids are scheduled to be opened this month with construction anticipated to begin this summer.

The Bowman/Kanis improvements will reconstruct and widen Bowman from Cherry Laurel Drive to Kanis, and Kanis from east of the Bowman intersection to Cherry Brook Drive. Reconstruction of the Bowman/Kanis intersection with related turn lanes and new signals is included in the project.

Vanity plate on a Pontiac G8: EXTINCT. Surely this refers to the demise of Pontiac in 2009, killed by General Motors as it went into bankruptcy. The GT model had a 6.0 liter V-8 generating 361 horsepower. This is a desirable muscle car for old coots. Like us. Fabulous Babes are less impressed.

Print Headline: Paving job will rejoin free world


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