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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: On powerful people | She's voice of reason | Not using the switch

April 12, 2022 at 3:33 a.m.

On powerful people

I worry about the day Gwen Faulkenberry's writing hits the tolerance limit of the powerful people (PPs), and she vanishes from the Sunday paper. That said, please allow another Baker Kurrus story.

Baker studiously gathered significant data showing that children flourished in nonselective schools that appreciated them no matter where they lived or their color. He opened his office to me on a late afternoon. We discussed his research, and I was full of suggestions to expand his caring philosophy. Unfortunately, although we had a crisp, positive conversation, he was noticeably down. He told me that he had just come from the governor's office and would no longer be the Little Rock superintendent. I thanked him for his time, and the gracious man walked me to the exit, continuing the conversation about education.

Gwen finished her column with a mention of the Arkansas governor's race. Christians this week will reflect on the atrocious behavior of PPs over 2,000 years ago. Things have not changed. The treatment of Ketanji Brown Jackson put on grand display the viciousness of the PPs. Like Judge Jackson's ascendance to the Supreme Court, Arkansas has a male candidate that is one of the most qualified people ever to run for governor. Will we put the needs of the state first or be controlled by hatred?


Little Rock

She's voice of reason

Re "Tame Brain Way to Ease Money Pain" by Sarah Gutierrez, printed Sunday: Sarah, you must know my wife. We have been married 53 years, and she has been practicing many of your financial suggestions for the duration of our marriage. We have made a modest amount of money, but we have everything we need. One of our financial priorities is giving to organizations that feed the poor. When I told someone recently that we didn't need any more money, he looked at me like I had two heads.

Keep up the good work. You are a voice of reason in a world that desperately needs to hear your message.

All the best!


Little Rock

Not using the switch

Eric M. Maxwell of Conway recently wrote about the Glock switch. While he mentioned it turns the handgun into an automatic weapon, he failed to mention that automatic weapons are illegal and the ATF can prosecute anyone who uses one, which can result in 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

People who own guns legally go through federal background checks and fingerprinting, and a concealed-carry license is issued by the Arkansas State Police. They also understand gun safety, practice regularly, and understand that using a gun in a life-threatening situation is a last resort. They aren't the ones using Glock switches.



CRT not at issue here

Pastor Dennis Dodson's letter on April 9 must be met with a response. It is amazing that Dodson, who identifies as a conservative, says that he used to be a Democrat, but does not identify with any political party; he sounds like a Republican to me. What is interesting is that Dodson is critical of a former Southern Baptist member who said she had to leave the church due to its devotion to Donald Trump, but somehow he manages to mention critical race theory as a point of contention. I remember reading Gwen Faulkenberry's column, and I do not remember her even mentioning CRT. Dodson's major objection about public schools is he contends that CRT is being taught, which is false.

The Republican Party has been able to push a false narrative by conflating Black history, which is American history, with CRT, which I explained in another letter. It seems Republicans do not want any teaching of Black history in our public schools. Paranoid Republicans in some Southern states have even passed laws banning the teaching of American History that makes white students and their parents feel uncomfortable. I am sure that Dodson even operates under the false belief that Jesus and most of the people in the Bible are white.

Like so many people who professed to be Christians, they have pledged their devotion and allegiance to a man who constantly lies, thinks that he is above the law, sanctioned an attempted insurrection against our country, does not believe in democracy, and expresses his praise and admiration for Vladimir Putin, who has murdered innocent people, including women and children. Pastor, please reread Exodus 20.


Little Rock

Invitation didn't come

Monsieur County Judge Barry Hyde and Mayor Frank Scott Jr., I am delighted by your recent celebration of the tricentennial of the naming of La Petite Roche.

I am, however, more than slightly offended and slighted that apparently none of the descendants of those Quapaw and French descendants that were part of that early naming, and who still reside in the central Arkansas area, were invited to attend the festivities. As one of such, and knowing many others although not speaking for them, I am willing to forgive both of you for your oversights due to my Episcopal upbringing. I can only pray that my ancestors, who were not so forgiving, do the same.


Little Rock

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