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OPINION | DRIVETIME MAHATMA Patience, Sherwood drivers, plans are in the works to address traffic snarl

by Frank Fellone | April 16, 2022 at 3:06 a.m.

Has there ever been a traffic study at the intersection of Kiehl Avenue and Brockington Road to the north and Brookswood Road to the south in Sherwood? It seems to be very congested at all times of the day, especially driving south through the intersection. A majority of drivers heading south through the intersection are going straight in order to access 67/167, but there is only one lane that allows for drivers to drive straight through. This causes what always seems to be significant backups. It's also somewhat of a similar situation for drivers heading north through the intersection as well. -- Stuck in Traffic

Dear Stuck: These streets are increasingly congested, in our experience, as Sherwood grows and grows. An answer comes from two authorities.

First comes Richard Penn, Sherwood's city engineer, who came aboard in 2018. Since then, he said, the city hired a civil engineering firm to "develop a scope of work for studying the Brockington/Kiehl intersection and traffic accessibility through to Highway 67/167 (the future I-57)."

And the planning division of the Arkansas Department of Transportation teamed up with the city on a comprehensive traffic study of these streets, most of which are actually state highways.

The city, Penn said, awaits recommendations from ArDot.

Second comes Deric Wyatt, chief engineer of District 6 of ArDot. He confirms there is a "future project" programmed for Arkansas 176Y, Brookswood Road, from U.S. 67/167 to Kiehl Avenue. And that the Transportation Planning and Policy Division is conducting a traffic study to define the scope of the project.

May we translate?

The wheels of traffic planning grind slowly, but exceedingly fine.

Dear Mahatma: My dad was with the Highway Department for years. I remember him saying Interstate 430 was closed for through traffic for 18-wheelers. I haven't looked recently but have seen "No thru traffic" signs in the past. I was confused that ArDot would say trucks were using I-430 to bypass the Interstate 30 bridge construction. Has that restriction been lifted? -- Jenni

Dear Jenni: The Arkansas Department of Transportation tells us there are no I-430 restrictions on trucks, so drivers may take that route if they like. Heck, we avoid I-30, too.


Readers express delight at the personalized license plates that appear in this space. Of course, here at the Traffic Desk we are all about the readers. Also all about the bass. No treble.

Here are a few. Some with commentary.

Vanity plate: TAXLAWZ. Apropos for this time of year.

Vanity plate seen near Hot Springs: HORNHTR. Ah, yes, our favorite teams are Arkansas and whoever is playing Texas.

Vanity plate on a red Mercedes: BUGBABY.

Vanity plate seen near Murray dog park: LAWRUP.

Print Headline: Sherwood project in the works


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