In the news

In the news

• Rebecca Swanner, owner of a home day care in Virginia, faces charges of cruelty and injury to children after authorities say three 1-year-olds were exposed to THC through "gold fish crackers," with their parents reporting lethargic behavior and glassy, bloodshot eyes.

• Charlie Duke, a member of the Apollo 16 crew that rode to the moon, will be reunited with his capsule, Casper, in Huntsville, Ala., as the U.S. Space and Rocket Center marks the 50th anniversary of that mission and looks ahead to NASA's lunar return.

• Richard Analla of Bryan County, Ga., said "as quickly as it got here, it was gone" and vowed to rebuild after it took mere seconds for a tornado to tear the upper floor off his 1830 house and turn it into a gutted shell.

• Katie Dillard of the Albany Museum of Art in Georgia recalls "it was definitely shocking to see ... but we didn't have time to sit with our mouths open; we had to jump into action," as the hundreds of artworks restored after a storm tore the roof off five years ago are going back on display.

• Rosniel Jimenez Gonzalez of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was arrested after a woman suspected that the thief buying gas with her credit card might return to the scene of the crime, prompting her to stake out the station and call 911 when she was alerted by her bank that it was happening again.

• Dawn DePorter-Kimmence said "we're stabbing in the dark, hoping we might get on a wait list" as the Baton Rouge International School attended by her two kids announced it's closing after 22 years, blaming a pandemic enrollment decline from 309 students to 188.

• Kevin Larriviere, a fire department captain in Lafayette, La., saw a civil service board unanimously uphold the chief's decision to fire him for insubordination after he repeatedly refused orders to wear a covid-19 mask at a training session.

• Kevin Errol Lewis, who police described as a transient, was jailed without bail on suspicion of murder after authorities say he shoved a woman he was dating in front of a freight train in Riverside, Calif., as they argued.

• Gerda van Dorp, who along with her husband runs a dairy farm and cheese business in a rural Dutch town, said "I can't even describe the feeling when you see all those empty shelves" after thieves carted off 161 heavy wheels of Gouda worth $22,000, lamenting to her mother on the phone, "It's gone, it's gone, it's gone."