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Chris Jones, Democratic candidate for Arkansas governor

April 25, 2022 at 12:08 p.m.

Age: 45

City: Little Rock

Occupation: None

Education: Bachelor of Science in physics and math from Morehouse College; Master’s degree in nuclear engineering, and technology & policy from MIT; Ph.D. in urban planning from MIT

Public service experience: Executive Director of the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub; Executive Director of Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative; Mayor of Pine Bluff Youth Council; Board Chair at National Center for Healthy Housing; Board Member at the Museum of Discovery and at Arkansas PBS


Why should people vote for you?

In this moment, Arkansas needs a compassionate and empathetic leader who has the humility to understand that this moment is bigger than any one of us, the grace to know how to bring a broad range of people together to address the very real challenges we face, and the real-life experience to manage a massive organization. We also need someone with the vision to see and seize opportunities that lie out of sight and around the corner, the determination to amplify and value all voices, especially the most marginalized, and the ancestral grit of an unapologetic Arkansan. If you take a look at the life’s journey that God has blessed me to travel, I believe you’ll find that, through many twists and by facing and overcoming many challenges, I am that person. If that’s what you find, I humbly ask for your vote.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how would you address it?

The most pressing issue facing Arkansans: Opportunity. We will spread opportunity all over the state to help improve the lives of every Arkansan and fulfill the Promise of Arkansas. The Promise of Arkansas begins by spreading PB&J across the state—expanding preschool to all families, affordable broadband for every home, and economic development focused on creating high wage jobs. Education, infrastructure and economic development will lift up all Arkansans. A focus on building opportunities in Arkansas starts with PB&J and also means a promise for good governance, quality healthcare, and more. Our vision is that Arkansas can realize its potential and reach its promise through Faith, Hope & Hard Work – the Faith that together we can address our challenges, the Hope that unified we make space for all Arkansans to live out our unique potential, and the Hard Work of change in our souls and in our lives.

What's the first thing you'd like to accomplish if elected?

If I am blessed to serve as Governor, my administration and I will immediately bring people together and listen. Just as we visited all 75 counties of the state to identify what matters most to Arkansans, we are committed to changing what it means to govern in Arkansas – by listening and learning, by leading inclusively in a way that doesn’t prioritize whether you have “D,” “R” or “I” next to your name, and sharing our vision for Arkansas to reach its potential and promise. We will set out to prove that politics and governance do not have to be divisive and destructive, and that we can debate ideas and hold one another accountable while still uniting as Arkansans. Throughout my tenure as Governor, we will address challenges and solve problems by bringing people together to find what works and to move us all forward.

A team of reporters from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette compiled this series of candidate bios over the last three months. Candidates in most races were reached by email and completed questionnaires. Others who couldn't be reached by email provided information over the phone. Some candidates declined to participate or didn't respond to phone and email messages left by the Democrat-Gazette. Return to the main Voter Guide page to read more bios.


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