Former Carroll County sheriff candidate pleads innocent to threat charge

A former candidate for Carroll County sheriff was arraigned Monday in Eureka Springs and pleaded innocent to a charge of terroristic threatening.

Robert Allan Kennedy, 38, of Holiday Island was arrested April 25.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, Kennedy went to his mother's house near Eureka Springs demanding that she give him her AR-15 rifle, saying police were after him and he was "going to mow those mother******* down."

Kennedy's brother, Deputy Austin Kennedy, arrived and tried to calm him down, according to the affidavit.

An altercation ensued and Robert Kennedy was arrested.

His sister, Dana Novak, told police that Robert Kennedy was talking about "taking out the whole sheriff's office" and "he was going to take everyone out and be sheriff."

In the affidavit, Deputy Austin Kennedy wrote that he was notified April 25 that Robert Kennedy had made threats of violence toward Sheriff Jim Ross and his wife, and that additional deputies had been called in to protect them.

Prosecuting Attorney Tony Rogers has recused from the case. John McQuary has been appointed special prosecutor.

Kennedy was arrested on several charges, including battery and assault, but McQuary filed only one formal charge against him -- terroristic threatening in the first degree.

Kennedy was released on $100,000 bond, according to a court document dated May 1. Among other things, the bond stipulations include no social media, no internet, no weapons and no driving any vehicle.

Kennedy received 143 votes in the May 24 Republican primary for sheriff. Daniel Klatt won the primary election with 2,295 votes, according to the Carroll County clerk's office. Klatt is running unopposed in the November general election.