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Quality time with Lil’ Kim

The familial love of a parent for a child is one of the four ancient love concepts, courtesy of the Greeks. This particular strain is called storge (pronounced STOR-jay) and can apply to siblings but is primarily attributed to the parent-child relationship.

It can take many forms. That long hug when a college student returns home for break, the quiet assurance of a happy well-adjusted child. For dads, storge can assume physical manifestation through almost anything--a backyard game of catch, a driving lesson ... a daughter's first missile testing.

For Kim Jong Un, the North Korean resident boss, storge has revealed itself in the latter. Specifically, the touching photo of Lil' Kim and his young daughter posing next to an ICBM.

The young girl's name is believed to be Kim Ju Ae, possibly 10 years old, the wire services report. She is thought to be the second of Kim Jong Un's two known children. Her dad has been in power for 11 years since taking over as "General Secretary" from his father, who took the dictatorial reins from his pop.

In recently released photos, Ju Ae can be seen posing next to a missile equipped to deliver nuclear warheads to America, congratulating soldiers who just test-fired missiles, and generally just enjoying some quality dad time. Some storge time.

The state-run Korean Central News Agency recently released the photos from Take Your Daughter to Work Day in Pyongyang. An accompanying news release crowed, "When General Secretary Kim Jong Un appeared at the photo session venue together with his daughter, all the participants broke into stormy cheers of 'Hurrah!'"

You better believe they did. Otherwise, little Ju Ae might've experienced her first mass execution.

Let's hope it would've been her first, anyway.

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