Tools & Toys: The Couchmaster CYCON2 and Plant Traps

Plant Traps and The Couchmaster CYCON2

The Couchmaster CYCON2

What’s to love: Made for gaming in comfort on the couch or from the bed, but also can be used for working from home with a laptop or notebook.

What does it do: The molded hard plastic desktop is just over 32 inches wide and rests on two microfiber covered memory foam cushions. Six integrated ports in the desktop allow for keyboards, a mouse, headphones and gamepads while the cords are neatly out of sight in a cord management system. The system is made so that only one cord from the desk is plugged into the wall, while all the other cords are connected to a hub in compartments under the desk. The lap desk is available in black or gray and sells for $189. More information can be found at us.nerdytec.com.

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Plant Traps

What’s to love: Securely and easily attaches container plants on the outside of decks and balconies.

What does it do: The Plant Traps are made of powder-coated rust-resistant steel and will hold a container of plants up to 35 pounds and 12 inches high. The shelf works with decks that extend four inches beyond the bottom rail and has banisters at least two-inches apart. The shelf slides under the rail and is secured on the inside with a decorative fleur-de-lis. The pots are secured with a 12-inch double pronged metal stake. The shelves are available in black or white and sell for $29.99 Visit planttraps.com for more information.