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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Keep a good attitude | Seen by your actions | Meant what he said

January 1, 2022 at 3:34 a.m.

Keep a good attitude

It's a great day to put God first and seek his righteousness. The other night at church the sermon was on that and how it can carry us through tremendous trials and tribulations. I believe that's true. I was able to keep a good attitude through one of the worst two weeks of my life. I wasn't always happy, but I had a positive attitude and a measure of peace that it was all in God's hands and would turn out the way it should, according to God's will. I know part of God's plan for me is to stay faithful and be full of his Holy Spirit, and not drink. I can tell you that all is well. I have not had a thought about a drink except on purpose, and my reaction was repulsion.

I know it is also a good day to start out with a positive outlook. It seems if we start out positive, good things happen and the positivity grows. The little disappointments don't bother us so much.

I pray my friends and enemies have a great day today.



Seen by your actions

As the new year comes upon us, I challenge each of you to show the world who you are by your actions.

Be kind to your neighbor, make a new friendship, post positive comments on social media, support a good cause, worship in the place of your choosing, smile at a stranger.

Nothing is "impossible" if you say it as "I'm possible."


Little Rock

Meant what he said

The Democrats were shocked when Sen. Joe Manchin stated that he could not support the current Build Back Better bill.

For the past five months it was known that he was concerned over its cost and effect on inflation, and he had repeatedly said he did not like budget gimmicks.

The shock is really that Mr. Manchin, unlike many of his colleagues, said what he meant and meant what he said: that he was an honest, principled man rather than a political lemming ready to follow progressive ideologues over a cliff.


Hot Springs Village

They're truly blessed

Thank you to Kurt Eifling of Fayetteville for his recent letter about his service as a medical officer in Afghanistan. Our son also served, as a combat brigade nurse with the 82nd Airborne Division there in 2012.

For those who served and witnessed our chaotic withdrawal from this 20-year war, it gives great hope that their efforts there were not in vain. These heroes live with the memories of having witnessed man's inhumanity to man and lack of respect for human life. They uniquely know what it truly means to be blessed to have been born an American.

These Afghan refugees offer stark witness to any who might question that precept, and we welcome them to our great country.



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