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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Must be alternative | Don't forget Big Lie | His viewing schedule

January 6, 2022 at 2:53 a.m.

Must be alternative

What has happened to the Democratic Party in this state? We are supposed to accept that there is no one willing to run against an unqualified religious fanatic and serial liar such as Ms. Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

In the past we have had many good leaders. Must I assume that we have driven away every intelligent, qualified person in the entire state? Examples of good leaders in Arkansas include Dale Bumpers, Vic Snyder, John Pagan, Frank Scott, Jim Dailey, Bill Clinton, Joyce Elliott, Blanche Lincoln and I assume many others I don't know about.

The modern trend of mixing governance with religion is very dangerous. There is a long history of failure for countries that follow this trend. That's why our system created a separation between church and state. This separation allows us all to have faith in whatever we choose, and also have respect for others' faith. This separation also allows us to conduct the business of governing in a practical manner.

As I see it, Sarah Sanders has no qualifications that prepare her to be governor. Being the daughter of an OK governor, Mike Huckabee, does not magically make her qualified to lead. As press secretary for Trump, she embraced "alternative facts." I prefer my facts straight up, not alternated.

Please, give us a candidate who is a sane person, who wants to solve our problems and improve our state, not carry out a religious or Trumpian agenda. Sanity deserves respect.


Little Rock

Don't forget Big Lie

As we mark the one-year anniversary of Trump's insurrection efforts to reject the free and fair election process of November 2020, I encourage all Arkansans to recall two high-profile candidates (likely many more) for higher office in our state in 2020 were vocal supporters of Trump's sedition: Sarah Sanders, who wants to use her Trump support to become governor, and our outgoing attorney general, Leslie Rutledge, who wants now to be lieutenant governor.

This effort to overthrow the Constitution, hang the vice president and void the certified results of our fair and free elections was unconstitutional and illegal. Many participants are in jail or awaiting federal trial. People died, including a Capitol police officer (Brian Sicknick) who engaged the rioters. They continue to support Trump and his Big Lie scam efforts to reclaim the 2020 election.

Please recall this as we see the political spin machines roll into 2022.



His viewing schedule

I would really like to know: How frequently does state Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Jonesboro, watch PBS?


Little Rock

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