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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Divisive propaganda | Could get the oil here | There are other issues

January 9, 2022 at 1:58 a.m.

Divisive propaganda

Trumpist Republicans, bless their betrayed souls, are dangerous because they lack insight into the dark and selfish motives of their leader. By his skillful marketing of disinformation, he creates a fog of fear and rage that blinds their moral compass and ironically makes them eager soldiers in his shadow war on democracy. As a consequence, Trumpian men have difficulty differentiating between genuine moral courage and patriotism versus fighting like hell against the fellow American scapegoats they have been encouraged to hate.

Mature masculinity portrays strength and the quiet confidence to offer a helping hand to empower rather than bully others. Clear examples of immature masculinity are Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and Ron Johnson. Like the garden-variety schoolyard bully, they perpetually try to hide their insecurities by engaging in bombastic tough talk of war rooms and fighting like hell. Their insecurity creates an underlying paranoia that fuels their fear of tenderness and creates a protective need for meanness and intimidation.

However, they are talented magicians able to pull deeply divisive propaganda from their black hats. They care not for truth and seek political advantage by stoking a cultural war that turns friends and family members against one another and thus drains the strength of America. They will readily use their followers as fodder in a war to serve their personal lust for power. This is clearly demonstrated by who will go to prison for the actions of Jan. 6 and who will suck in loads of cash for another attempt to become America's kleptocrat-in-chief.


Little Rock

Could get the oil here

Why is the Biden administration begging Saudi Arabia to pump more oil when all they need to do is ask Texas, North Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Alaska and other U.S. states?



There are other issues

Now we have Jan. 6 fest, another soporific broken record. The attorney general of the U.S. has conducted an exhaustive and continuing investigation. During the same time, there were 100,000 narcotic overdose deaths, many linked to fentanyl traversing our southern border. The border was supposed to be the assignment of the vice president. The other crime of "human trafficking" (mostly a euphemism for slavery) not significantly addressed by the Department of Justice, but reported pretrial solitary confinement for misguided yayhoos of the Capitol, that's OK.

The Capitol riot was appalling, as were the serial riots throughout 2020. Billions of dollars in damaged property, private, municipal, and federal as well as hundreds of serious injuries (many to police). The civil rights of thousands of people were infringed during these protests/riots with barely a peep out of the DOJ or the Democrats. If the law is supposed to be law and not applied politically, then there's tons of evidence that Merrick Garland can pursue in Portland, Seattle, and many other cities where violence and destruction outstripped that in D.C.

I understand the events in Washington were personal to people in the government and made America look bad. Hopefully, the people we elect to keep us safe realize that whoever is caught up in chaos and violence through no fault of their own takes it personally. On Jan. 6, President Biden should have gone to Chicago to end mass child abuse at the hands of the striking teachers union. It's called get the job done, showboat later.



Comments frustrated

The statements from the Arkansas congressional delegation in the Jan. 7 paper were discouraging and frustrating. None attended the memorial service in Washington, D.C., to recognize the insurrection and honor the U.S. Capitol Police. Only one Republican attended.

Although they seem to acknowledge the significance of the riot on democracy, and some demonstrated remorse for the violence, none were willing to acknowledge what the former president said to the mob to incite the insurrection. We all saw it on live television. I think Tom Cotton's comments were the worst, and he obviously would do anything to stay in power. That is apparently the only agenda our entire delegation holds sacred. Not our country, our Constitution or our democracy. They embrace endorsements from anyone that will keep them in power.

I honestly do not feel that they care about what is right or good for all of us as Americans. They need to go, and we need to find elected officials that will be statesmen/women that will work for the common good for all Americans.


Hot Springs

Concerning situation

From a former Republican: Thursday's national reflection on the events of Jan. 6, 2021, was very moving and yet concerning.

Where were Republicans? Could you not even stand in our nation's Capitol with fellow congressional leaders for a moment of silence and prayer for our divided country? Just a simple show of unity on the anniversary of a blatant assault on our democracy seems to be little to ask.

To our Arkansas delegation: Where were you? I see no courage or sense of responsibility or determination, only self-serving, nicely written public statements. I am very disappointed not in the fact you still want an endorsement from Trump, but that you put your own personal interests ahead of protecting the sanctity of our Constitution and the rule of law.

God help the USA if we can't do better than this when the need for courage, unity and strength of character should take precedence.


Little Rock

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