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Super Quiz: Geography -- North America

January 15, 2022 at 1:31 a.m.

1. What country borders Central America to the north?

2. How many U.S. states are in North America?

3. What is the largest freshwater lake in North America?

4. How many countries are there in Central America?

5. Through which country of North America does the Tropic of Cancer cross?

6. What is the capital city of Canada and in what province is it?

7. Lake Tahoe is shared by what two states?

8. What is the most westerly of Canada's three territories?

9. In what state are the Finger Lakes?


1. Mexico

2. 49 (Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean)

3. Lake Superior

4. Seven

5. Mexico

6. Ottawa, Ontario

7. California and Nevada

8. The Yukon

9. New York

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Geography -- North America


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