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Home Movies

by Karen Martin | July 15, 2022 at 1:31 a.m.
Syndrome K movie poster

"Syndrome K" (not rated, 1 hour, 20 minutes, On Demand) The last film to be narrated by Ray Liotta ("Goodfellas," "Field of Dreams"), this intriguing documentary concerns three Roman Catholic doctors who created a supposedly highly contagious fake disease during the Nazi Occupation of Rome to save Roman Jews in a Vatican-affiliated hospital from deportation to Auschwitz during World War II. Directed by Stephen Edwards.

"Waiting: The Van Duren Story" (not rated, 1 hour, 19 minutes, DVD) An endearingly scrappy documentary with a remarkable soundtrack and helpful animated sequences concerns Memphis musician Van Duren, who worked with Big Star's Jody Stephens and Chris Bell before fading away, resurfacing 40 years later when two Australians discover his music and set out to make a film (which they've never done before) about the artist touted in 1973 as "the next Paul McCartney."

Written and directed by Greg Carey and Wade Jackson.

"Gone in the Night" (R, 1 hour, 30 minutes, in theaters) An overly complicated thriller with an overqualified cast, the plot here concerns Kath (Winona Ryder) and her boyfriend (John Gallagher Jr.) who, upon arriving for a getaway at a remote rental cabin, find another couple (Owen Teague and Brianne Tju) already there. They decide to share the cabin, which seems like a good idea until Kath's boyfriend and the other woman disappear. With Dermot Mulroney; directed by Eli Horowitz.

"Man of God" (not rated, 1 hour, 49 minutes, On Demand) A curious, visually enticing examination of the persecuted, prosecuted life of Saint Nektarios of the Greek island of Aegina who, despite caring for the poor, teaching peasant girls to read and write, and performing miracles, was defrocked and expelled by his superiors; still, upon his death, another miracle aided a paralyzed man in the next hospital bed. With Aris Servetalis, Alexander Petrov, Mickey Rourke; directed by Yelena Popovic.

"Bundles" (not rated, 1 hour, 38 minutes, On Demand) An extremely low-budget teen-trauma drama, set in the area around Washington, concerns a high school senior's seemingly harmless plot for revenge against a rival which turns into a lucrative business venture -- for a while. With Yavonna Harris, Naysa Young, Tanisha Cardwell, Alexis Jacquelyn Smith, Kevin Tan; directed by Ryan Jordan and Jeffrey Leslie.

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