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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Allowable weapons | Use executive power | Ideas to curb deaths

June 8, 2022 at 3:20 a.m.

Allowable weapons

Most hunters obey the law when sport hunting. Did you know that when hunting birds, the law requires that no more than three shots can be fired without reloading? Yet we allow anyone who purchases a semiautomatic or assault-style rifle to also purchase high-capacity ammunition magazines, that can, and have so many times, been able to shoot dozens of bullets per minute, not at birds, but at people ... children, teachers, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Why do we regulate the killing of birds with laws limiting firepower, while protecting the potential of a mass murderer?

We are past the time of small steps or half-measures. In my opinion, the best way to stop the carnage of our neighbors is to outlaw all assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines. Only law enforcement and active military personnel should be allowed these weapons, and only they should be allowed high-capacity ammunition magazines.

The government should start a buyback program to get these weapons off the street. If a person is found in possession of one or more of these weapons, he/she should be charged with a felony and fined, and the weapons should be confiscated and destroyed.


Little Rock

Use executive power

The CDC was able to use its powers to force the USA to wear face masks in order to prevent the continued spread of the covid-19 virus. This was a preventive measure in order to save lives.

Before I continue, I want to say that I personally own a gun and I can hit what I am aiming at. However, my gun is not a high-capacity military-style gun. I am not in the military, and I do not believe that civilians should own these guns any more than I believe that civilians should own hand grenades.

With that in mind, I truly believe the president should use his executive powers to send the military in to:

1. Force all gun-manufacturing facilities to cease production and export of any and all of the high-capacity military-style guns. They can continue to manufacture and ship out regular guns.

2. Go into every store in the USA that sells these high-capacity military-style guns, inventory them and remove them; pay those businesses wholesale price so they will not lose any money. Each state can pay for this out of their own covid-19 funds that they have not spent as of yet.

3. Restrict the sale of these specific types of guns at gun swaps. Have the military set up several booths at each of these events to buy them back from civilians who want to turn them in or from those who simply want to sell them at the swap meets.

I believe that I understand why most people do not want the government to take these particular guns from us. We have all heard the cliché, "If you give them an inch, they will take a mile." The thinking is that first, it will be just the high-capacity military-style guns that the government will take. Then it will be the regular rifles. Then it will be all of the handguns. Then, eventually, it will be a crime to own a BB gun.

It is simple common sense. It is the same as when you put your guns up high so that the 2- to 8-year-olds cannot reach them. We need to take measures of some type. It is no different than if you have a regular driver's license but they catch you driving a NASCAR race car on the highway at 200 mph. You just can't do that (safely).


Pea Ridge

Ideas to curb deaths

I believe all guns must be registered; current gun owners have two years to register owned guns. New guns must have unremovable serial numbers and safety devices. Put a $1,400 sales tax on new gun sales. This will make street guns worth $1,400 more, reduce buying by youths, and discourage casual gun ownership by the general public. Revenue will be used for law enforcement, database management and a victims' fund.

Registered gun owners are liable for the use of their gun in a crime. This will incentivize securing the gun by the gun owner. If a privately owned gun is sold/given/inherited, both the seller and the buyer are required to report the sale to the ATF at the time of the transaction and pay a $250 fee. If a gun is lost or stolen, it must be reported to and investigated by local law authorities and reported to the ATF and a fee of $500 paid.

Individuals/groups owning more than 10 guns will be required to submit an inventory of their collection to the ATF annually. This will alert ATF of large collections of guns by radical groups/individuals. A carry permit is not required, and the number or kind of guns/ammo is not limited.

Registration will make gun owners liable and law enforcement easier. The cost will reduce the number of guns owned. Make changes as you see fit.



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