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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Make it unavailable | Dog that caught car | Shows their priorities

June 14, 2022 at 4:21 a.m.

Make it unavailable

We haven't reached our current situation overnight. We won't win this overnight.

In my opinion, the only sure way is cessation of weapons availability. Our government and its tongue-wagger, the NRA, have convinced all citizens that owning a firearm is a God-given right. How many human fetuses had a firearm attached? The country must, as unpalatable as it is, close all firearm-related businesses: design, manufacture and sales including ammunition, repair parts and printed literature. The only authorized design, manufacture, sales of weapons or related items would be a federal armory, and only an authorized issue on a temporary basis. As always, the honest citizens must bear the brunt of this idea. I believe the real solution to the problem is no firearms unless government-issued. The items we want to control must not be available to the citizens.


North Little Rock

Dog that caught car

The Republican primary, our real election, is over with no major surprises. We will return four representatives and one senator, all Republicans, to Congress where they can get back to obstructing. Republican state officers have sorted themselves out in new jobs, making room for Sarah at the top. Arkansas leaders could settle down to cut income taxes and blow the surplus, but the U.S. Supreme Court is set to reverse Roe v. Wade and rile things up.

When Roe was decided in 1973, it was a genius solution to a thorny problem, effectively taking abortion out of politics. Still, Republicans kept exploiting it, and since 1980, abortion has been Republicans' single best issue for keeping their base engaged. Almost all ads run in the recent Republican primary talked about protecting "the unborn." Republican states are competing to draft the most extreme bans and draconian means of enforcement. Of course, you have to be totally naïve to think that outlawing abortion will stop it, but bans will create new grief and dangers, particularly for poor women.

Stealing two seats and packing the Supreme Court, Republicans are about to achieve their long-sought goal, at least in states they control. But what if Republicans are like the dog that chased the car and one day caught it? Maybe politicking about outlawing abortion changes when you can actually do it. Estimating the number of abortions is difficult since many go unreported, but reversing what has been established law and a perceived right for half a century will affect many Arkansas families and have unforeseen consequences. It is likely to take a couple of years to see where we come out on this.

The sane position on abortion was articulated some years back by our own Bill Clinton: Abortion should be legal, safe, and rare.


Little Rock

Shows their priorities

I noticed in our paper that our national legislative bodies are prepared to enact laws protecting investors in cryptocurrencies because of the volatility. Yet the safety of our children is to be solved with prayers!



It's all political sham

The congressional Jan. 6 committee made its first appearance on TV Thursday night and tried but failed, I believe, to communicate its objectivity. How? By the words used: primarily, insurrection and carnage.

Insurrection is defined as an armed revolt, a capital offense. Words have meaning. The Democrats and mainstream media have been using "insurrection" for sensationalistic purposes since the event. (Note that the Democrats and media refer to the riots, burning, and destruction of property in Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis as civil demonstrations or protests.) You can tell when someone is trying to convince you by the adjectives they use. Just listen to the adjectives used by mainstream media and related "news" programs.

In addition, a female police officer testified that she witnessed "carnage" on that day. Carnage is defined as a massive slaughter, a massacre, or the flesh of slain animals. In court, the actual charges used against Jan. 6 participants/rioters have been mostly obstruction of an official and assault. Most of those tried have been either fined, assigned to home detention, community service, or probation. Prison sentences for some who committed assault have ranged from four to five years. Granted, there are more rioters waiting to be tried, but I'll bet none will be tried for insurrection or committing a massacre. I will not vote for Trump again, but I do think the Jan. 6 committee is a political sham.


Bella Vista

It isn't up for debate

This we all can agree on: family, faith and country. Everything else can be debated. Best burgers, cars, shoes, restaurants, movies, etc., etc. The events of Jan. 6, 2021, are not up for debate.

The attack on our nation's Capitol is unforgivable. Punishment must be meted out. The thought that I would damage, ransack and deface that building is beyond my ken. We the People should demand justice for this atrocious act. No one, regardless of grievance or status, should be allowed to perpetrate such an atrocity on the American people. All of us, regardless of party affiliation, should feel violated by this brutal act. This was done to us. They didn't single anyone out. We all were hurt by this. I'm still hurt. And angry. I looked this up on YouTube for confirmation. A Trump supporter tore down our flag, threw it down and tried to raise the Trump flag. Does that make you angry? Tried to raise a flag with the name of a man who wouldn't take up arms to defend our country!

Justice? Or acceptance? Which side are you on?



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