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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Properly raise kids | Should be shameful | Willing to believe lies

June 16, 2022 at 2:51 a.m.

Properly raise kids

I believe proposals to raise the age to buy guns, background checks, red-flag laws, and put an AR-15 off-limits only work for law-abiding citizens, not outlaws. They live by a different agenda. Nobody needs guns if they want to murder. Remember Timothy McVeigh? Anybody can make a bomb or use an automobile to mow down innocent people. These killers aren't all mentally ill. They are mean. Carrying a firearm makes the culprits feel powerful and boosts their egos, like their heroes they watch in their video games. All seem to be males who have grown up with cell phones in their hands, violent music, movies, and video games. This so-called entertainment has become baby-sitters for parents, or parent, so they don't have to bother with their little darlings who have become monsters on their daily diet of hate and violence. Forget any social connections.

What did we expect when the once-innocent little boys were fed this horrible menu of violence? Is this the way to raise a well-mannered, respectful young man who is happy and well-adjusted? Instead of more mental health screenings and treatment provided for troubled youth, why not establish parenting classes for neglectful parents who don't have a clue how to properly raise kids? This seems to be an underlying problem.

I am a parent of four adult children so I do know how to raise children.



Should be shameful

There's no shame in being hoodwinked by a slick, powerful con man. But clinging doggedly to the lies and misinformation in the face of overwhelming evidence presented under oath by members of the con man's own inner circle ... now that's something to be ashamed of.


North Little Rock

Willing to believe lies

Two great fictions, 2020-22, because apparently Fox News viewers will believe anything and the Republican Party knows it:

(1) "Trump won" when he lost by 7 million votes and there is no voter fraud other than a handful of Republicans caught at it.

(2) "Hunter Biden's laptop" means what, exactly? A rallying cry for the gullible to prove they are? The provenance of that laptop has always been suspect and the FBI knows it. I believe it shows there is nothing on there of consequence or, if there is, it probably was planted.

"Hunter Biden's laptop" means the same thing as "lock her up" when Trump's reported 15 boxes of classified materials moved to Florida in violation of federal criminal law is far worse. But let's not talk about that. That's not a Fox News narrative.


Little Rock

Their weak position

Sen. Tom Cotton, I trust your judgment as a leader. However, I am disappointed that you could not stand with the other minority of GOP senators (along with John Boozman) voting against the most recent bill that will fuel the continuing escalation of the war in Ukraine.

I am concerned that our undefined poorly executed strategy takes us closer to war. And we know that a good portion of our weapons sent to Ukraine through Poland have been destroyed by Russian bombardment in the western part of the country, and we also know that accountability for weapons is low, and effective deployment of those weapons is in question.

It is time to stop the madness of our hubris and incompetence which has brought widespread destruction to people. We now know that we are in a proxy war with Russia using Ukraine as a buffer, and it is not going well. The people of Ukraine are paying a terrible price for our out-of-control geopolitical ambitions.

You are a respected and experienced leader; however, I am surprised that you follow the lead of President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Victoria Nuland and the weakness of their position.

It will take leaders with moral courage to stand up and stop this runaway freight train before we pass the point of no return.

In time, Russia will secure the two eastern provinces, keep the land bridge and solidify its gains.

Russia will not be defeated in this invasion and will also pay a price for its actions.

The only question is whether we will use our considerable but declining strength as a country to influence events toward ending the war, or keep poking the Russian bear in the eye and overtly offending China with our misguided actions.

In these times, we will have adversaries, but we should be careful who we have as enemies.

We are all sitting in the front-row seats of a movie with a plot that is unfolding in front of our eyes in real time that will not have a happy ending.



Experience is needed

Come on, Arkansas. I am amazed, and perhaps you are too, that a former White House spokesperson, namely Sarah Huckabee Sanders, can just ascend to the governorship of our great state of Arkansas. To put it plainly, Sanders is not remotely qualified for such a high office. What are her credentials or qualifications? What leadership abilities or experiences does she possess?

Serving as governor is not merely a ceremonial task or job. It requires intelligence, vision, and many other high qualities. Serving as governor does not have a place or time for on-the-job training. You must have the intellect and toughness required on a daily basis.

I ask you, what is impressive about Sanders? Is it her good looks? Did she graduate from a prestigious college or university with a degree in political science or a related field? What leadership class offered by greater Little Rock has she completed? Is she qualified to be Arkansas’ governor because she is a rock star?

I believe Sarah Huckabee Sanders is best suited to either be a den mother or soccer mom!



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