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OPINION | A WORD: Game tries not to chortle while Arkansas people study clues

by Celia Storey | June 20, 2022 at 2:16 a.m.
Democrat-Gazette photo illustration/Celia Storey

Welcome to our Monday word game. We're playing Obfuscation.

Your goal is to recognize the common word described by all the clues. My goal is to make you doubt.

This week's word can be a noun or a verb. This word has six letters, including two silent letters.

? ... ? ... ? ... ? ... ? ... ?

Those were some fine clues, right there, but I guess they aren't quite enough, huh. OK, the word means ...

◼️ The attorneys for state or federal interests in a trial.

Got it? No? Well, it also means ...

◼️ Kinfolk, blood, clan, house.

Here's another clue:

◼️ Special people who share one's interests; comrades.

This should help a lot:

◼️ To populate a place.

◼️ A plurality of persons, or an ethnic subset thereof.

This one is bound to ring those chimes!

◼️ A hit for Barbra Streisand in 1964.

This clue's a real giveaway.

◼️ Translated into English, those who are in charge according to the Latin motto of Arkansas.

One last helper-outer ...

◼️ Those you meet wherever you go and are the best kind of folks we know.

The answer June 13 was "sign." I'll print this week's answer June 27, but feel free to email if you want to know earlier.


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