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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Consider the effects | Not so conservative | Would be better place

June 21, 2022 at 4:24 a.m.

Consider the effects

Writers when voicing opinions should have a bit of knowledge about the subject. Mike Masterson concludes Chicago gun laws have no effect on school shootings and decides some harebrained scheme of building jail cells in every classroom in America is the solution. What an informed writer of columns should know is that across the border from Chicago, in Gary, Ind., guns are freely available and now Indiana law has given every citizen over 18 the right to freely carry a gun without permit.

States' rights conservatives rant about deciding what they need in their home state without considering the effects on bordering states. Locking children in jail cells rather than intelligent gun reform is just stupid.


Hot Springs Village

Not so conservative

I believe the MAGA Republican candidates forfeited their right to use the word conservative after the covid mess they left along with a $3.3 trillion budget deficit.

President Biden, with his stimulus package and infrastructure, is trying to invest in people, rather than the wealthiest, to rebuild our economy. He has met resistance at every turn; although the MAGA guys voted against everything, they took credit when the president's initiatives were successful.

The one word central to every Republican's campaign is "fight." Interestingly enough, Leslie Rutledge didn't seem to have the courage to even fight Sarah Sanders. She didn't have enough courage to fight for me when I lost several thousands of dollars to out-of-state thieves. Turns out she was busy suing other states over alleged election fraud. Now they are saving their fight for the "woke left," whatever that is. As a part of the left, all we want is everyone to have shelter, food, health care, and a living wage, I guess they are up in arms over that.

Speaking of which, how many more schoolchildren will have to die to protect the Republicans' John Wayne interpretation of the Second Amendment? Why can't we unclench our fists and negotiate? It seems these guys want to take away everyone's rights, men and women, except the right to own an assault rifle. I think I hear Judy Collins singing "Send in the Clowns" ... yeah, it is the part about "Don't bother, they're here."


Hot Springs Village

Would be better place

Mike Masterson's column "Being back home" on July 18 was a blueprint for being happy by knowing how to appreciate and support your hometown, community and neighbors, no matter where you live. Maybe if more people followed his simple advice to "go out into the world and treat everyone you meet exactly like you want them to treat you," the world would be a much better place.



Known by their works

As a Christian, I would never question another person's Christianity. That's between them and their Lord. However, I would be concerned if a person feels like they have to tell you they're a Christian.

My Bible says you will know them by their works. Works do not make you a Christian, works are the results of being a Christian. My Bible also says that one of the things God hates is a "lying tongue." So, if someone perpetuates a lie, does that also make them a liar? Asking for a friend.


Little Rock

Can reduce fuel use

I call on the people of Arkansas to limit their non-essential driving. The recent conditions in the world and the U.S. that have increased gas prices greatly are impacting everyone.

I am retired and do not drive as much as those with jobs, children, businesses, etc. We all have to drive some. During covid, gas prices were very low due to a decreased demand. Covid has been terrible, and we do not want that back just for cheap gas.

As consumers, we can impact the situation by driving only as absolutely necessary. During World War II, people reduced their driving greatly to aid the war effort. The people of Arkansas can do the same. We can drive less, use fuel-efficient cars, and write to Congress and the president urging them to increase production at home.

I have seen this issue of gas supply and demand for the past 50 years. People are used to having all the gas they want at reasonable prices. This situation is a wake-up call to all of us that we cannot count on those things all the time. What we can do is act, not react, by doing the things I suggest. Let's show the country the people of Arkansas can lead the way in reducing fuel use. It will send a message to those who produce and sell petroleum products that we will not sit by passively.



Parental involvement

Jennifer Cobb of City Year Little Rock, in her column of June 17, does a superb job detailing what sounds like a very commendable program for improving education. Well done. Indeed, more programs like this could certainly benefit students.

However, careful reading of the essay shows no mention of parents or parental involvement. None. Nada. Zilch. Education is a three-legged stool--parents, students, teachers. Parental support, encouragement and involvement are perhaps the most important aspects. If not parents, then the families of the students, whether grandparents, aunts, uncles, whoever is the primary adult in the home.

Some may call this wishful thinking. Me, I call it necessity. When parental/family absence in the education process is not only permitted but even excused, then no program, no matter how well-intended, will do what is needed. Just my opinion.



Miss that restaurant

What we all desperately want from the Keet family is for them to bring John Barleycorn's back to Breckenridge Village.


North Little Rock

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