Workers locate sculpture missing from Little Rock's Riverside Park

A Little Rock Police Department vehicle is shown in this file photo.

Parks and Recreation workers in Little Rock's Riverfront Park on Tuesday found a bronze sculpture of a saxophonist that was stolen from its pedestal in the park's sculpture garden and thought lost, according to a city news release.

The sculpture, called "Jazz Player," was one of two removed from their pedestal sometime last week, although it was unclear if the perpetrator's intent was to take the metals or simply vandalize the statues.

The other statue, which shared a pedestal with "Jazz Player" and another sculpture, was found nearby by parks workers Friday.

City spokesman Spencer Watson could not say how far away from the pedestal "Jazz Player" was when it was rediscovered Tuesday, but said he would try to get that information. He declined to speculate on whether the perpetrator was after the metals in the sculpture or merely intent on causing vandalism.

Police are investigating the theft, but have yet to name any suspects.