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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: NRA the real reason | Not up to president | The state of affairs

June 22, 2022 at 2:00 a.m.

The real reason: NRA

Re Rod Neal's recent letter in the Voices section, boy, did he hit the nail on the head. I moved to Arkansas in 1962 to go to school. In the years since I learned to enjoy hunting and fishing. I especially enjoyed deer and turkey hunting. I tried duck hunting, but it usually took more than one shot for me to kill a duck, and sometimes all three, and I still missed. On the other hand, I never needed more than one shot to kill a deer or a turkey. One shot. So why in heaven's name are we selling AR-15s?

I read that all our representatives voted against the red-flag law. They all had simpleton answers as to why they opposed it; however, it would not take a rocket scientist to know the real reason: NRA money. I never thought I would see the day when my representative, French Hill, would let the likes of NRA money sway him. I have known French Hill to be a good man and a man of principles. I will continue to support him because of my feelings, but I'm so saddened to know he apparently feels it is OK for an 18-year-old to purchase a weapon such as the AR-15 with little governance.


North Little Rock

Not up to president

Funny, when gas prices go up, we blame the political party or directly the president. Laughable. Does anyone remember, during the Obama administration, when gas got down to $1 per gallon? Don't tell me it didn't; I was there to get it. Not one word ... "crickets." How about the housing and mortgage business? Out of sight. People are rolling right now selling their homes. Political? Nope, just darned old gas prices.

Get a grip; when gas goes up, look to the companies that own the gas. How about jobs? They are abundant. Nothing ... no, isn't that great? Just that dang Biden raising, all by himself, my gas prices.

People have got to be unhappy about something. Ukraine has plenty to be unhappy about and would be glad to pay any price to be here. Try to be happy; in a few years you can have another president to dislike.


Bella Vista

It's evil personified

The Good Book declares the reprobate mind as being without natural affection, without understanding, evil, and so on.

Monday's paper pictures a drag queen reading to toddlers during Drag Story Hour at a public library in New York.

The Good Book continues that, who knowing the judgment of God, they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

This recruiting of the most innocent is evil personified.



The state of affairs

So many topics, so much to say.

How many are out there rooting for inflation to continue unabated, at least through the midterm elections, as it will help them gain control of Congress, while their constituents suffer?

Republicans continue to call for "investigation" of the Dems' failure to heed warnings of impending violence prior to Jan. 6. Right ... that would be the peaceful protests and tourism we've been hearing about? Color me confused. Nothing happened that should have caused any concern, but we should have acted ahead of time to prevent ... what?

Many experts say the supply-chain issue, a major cause of inflation, began with covid in early 2020 (along with the computer-chip shortage). Let me think ... who was in charge in 2020? Of course, he had his hands full making up stories about election fraud. Oh yeah, and Hillary. We seem to think President Biden should be able to fix things, but I don't recall any such demands made of the former guy.

Most of the current discussion about gun violence is centered around security at schools. This would be ignoring the fact that a great majority of recent mass shootings are not at schools. I certainly do not wish to minimize the tragedy of small, defenseless children dying in such a horrible way, but we should not forget the incidents at churches, social gatherings, military bases, office buildings, and Black supermarkets. Of course, we cannot discuss Buffalo too much, because then we have to bring up (gasp) racism.

I propose a gun version of Catch-22: If you have a mental problem, you cannot own an AR-15. And if you think you need an AR-15 for any reason, you have a mental problem.

Finally: Cotton for president? What?? Please, God, no!


Little Rock

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