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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: It's just not necessary | For the sake of the children | A way to use surplus

June 23, 2022 at 2:48 a.m.

It's just not necessary

Anyone who tells me that an 18-year-old should have the right to buy an automatic or semi-automatic weapon capable of reducing a 10-year-old kid to a pile of goo in five seconds or less is playing with less than a full deck.

This is one time that I agree with President Biden; the deer out there in the woods are not wearing Kevlar vests.


North Little Rock

It's just not necessary

Re First Annual Saline County Pride Event: As a proud resident of Saline County, I must voice my protest to this event. I can't imagine our Chamber or city officials being willing to allow such an event so offensive to so many in our community.

My ask to Tyndall Park is this: Please don't compromise the values we should be holding to for the sake of our children. Please don't say yes just to avoid the noise and accusations of a few. We must stand up for what is right. If people want to parade their sexual preference, let them do it in private, not our city parks.



A way to use surplus

I wrote my district representative here in Arkansas recently and suggested that maybe they use some of the $1.5 billion surplus the state has to offer to "voluntarily" (not force) buy back guns that people may want to sell, and please not twist that statement into "taking" guns from people, which could give them some much-needed income.

As for the schools' protection, add cameras at all access points and have them monitored, and a sensor to trigger an alarm and notify police like I've had in my home before. A win-win for the people, and Republicans can take the credit, not that I want them to get any positive press during an election year, but it's a win for the people. Call or write your representative here and suggest the same--if you agree, of course. They are going to meet to decide how to use the surplus, and we do not need to them hand it off to the already rich in the form of yet another tax cut.


Hot Springs Village

Editorial cartoonists

As a new Arkansan in 1968, I found the Arkansas Gazette's renowned editorial cartoonist George Fisher taught me so much about my adopted state. Mr. Fisher was once asked, "Why don't you ever draw one criticizing the protesters?" He answered, "But I would be criticizing myself." He is missed.

John Deering does an excellent job in this difficult job, as do most of your guest cartoonists, but I miss Clay Bennett from the Chattanooga paper. His drawings are so precise and always on target ... Bullseye! Can we have him back?


Little Rock

Angels at work here

This Sunday afternoon the most amazing and selfless thing happened. After celebrating Father's Day at my brother's house in Sherwood, I stopped at the Casey's convenience store on Kiehl for some gas. I inserted my credit card at the pump as directed to get the premium fuel needed for my car. Then I put the card back in my wallet and laid it on my car's fender. Stunned at the cost on the receipt, I headed back home.

Upon arrival I noticed I didn't have my wallet on the console as usual. Trying to suppress panic setting in, I called the Casey's store to ask if my wallet had been turned in. Hearing a "no," I called my brother and his wife, who set out from their home nearby to look for said wallet. I anxiously waited until I got a possible discovery report back from my brother or his wife.

But no more than 15 minutes later there came a knocking on my door, and there was a young couple standing and asking if I'd lost my wallet. You have no idea how happy I was at that moment (or maybe you do if you've ever been in a similar circumstance). Gone were the fears of having to get a new driver's license, insurance cards, and umpteen other kinds of identification, and much less canceling credit cards and ... well, you know the drill.

I could have hugged and kissed them both, who told me their names were Royce and Madison. But of course, I didn't, but I was so pleased I could have. They were so kind to have driven all the way to find me at the address listed on my driver's license. They didn't have to do that, but they went out of their way, taking their own time and gas to get my foolishly laid-on-the-fender wallet back to me. They refused to accept a reward and headed back to their home smiling as broadly as the moment I opened my door to them.

I hope someone will read this and let them know I sent to the Little Rock Compassion Center a $100 donation in their first names (sad to say, I didn't catch their last name). I've always believed in a just God, and I've been reassured today that his angels are still at work upon this Earth!


Little Rock

Feel better about self

With the hot weather of summer coming on, it might be helpful for us all to cool off, just a little bit.

I don't know exactly when the hardening of hearts across America began, but I'm pretty sure it's in full bloom now. Kind of reminds me of the old Pogo cartoon years ago when Pogo declared, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

It might be helpful if, the next time somebody cuts you off in traffic, instead of cussing at them and flashing the infamous "one-finger salute," we remember how Grandma dealt with an idiot. "Well ... bless his heart!"

Do yourself a favor today. Be nice to, or at least tolerant of, someone who really doesn't deserve it.

You might not feel any better about them, but you'll feel a whole lot better about yourself.


Little Rock

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