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OPINION | WALLY HALL: Arkansas vs. New Mexico State should be a great game

BUFFALO, N.Y. — As I write this, it is 50 minutes until the Arkansas Razorbacks take on New Mexico State in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

I’m sitting in the press room — been here for two hours.

Cold winds and gray clouds pushed the pre-spring temperatures south, where they belong, and it has rained off and on today.

Last night was the last chance this trip to eat Buffalo wings in Buffalo. Bob Holt and I didn’t feel like taking an Uber or cab, and having years ago experienced the original Anchor Bar, which claims to have created Buffalo sauce, we instead opted for Bada Bing’s, three blocks from our hotel. 

The wings were good, the service fine, but we were both so tired that it wasn’t a lot of fun.

We were in a hurry to leave the restaurant, and today I discovered that I had left my credit card there. I called, and a young lady who had trouble understanding me said she was busy, but she would check on the card and call me back.

A lot of people here have had trouble understanding me.

I knew I couldn’t wait for a call, so I hoofed the three blocks in a light rain. It took the bartender five minutes to find my card.

I’m still waiting on the young lady to call.

When you cover the NCAA basketball tournament it is not a vacation. There is too much time spent waiting.

Waiting on the games.

Waiting on the press conferences.

Waiting on tables, because restaurants are packed.

It does give you time to think — and I think Arkansas’ game is going to be tough. New Mexico State is an older, more experienced team that is well-coached.

It should be a great game.

I also think Michigan belonged in the NCAA Tournament, and the Southeastern Conference is not making a great showing.

Overrated Kentucky, Alabama and LSU all lost their first-round games. Tennessee lost in the second round.

As of now only Arkansas and Auburn are left.

The game is starting soon, but my phone just rang. It was a telemarketer, not the waitress from Bada Bing's.

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