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Tools & Toys: Cromify Vacuum Sealer and Wildwood Grilling Planks

by Cary Jenkins | March 19, 2022 at 1:31 a.m.
Cromify Vacuum Sealer and Wildwood Grilling Planks

Cromify Vacuum Sealer

What’s to love: Saving money. With the price of food going up, buying in bulk or buying items on sale can help lower one’s food bill. The Cromify Vacuum Sealer can help expand the shelf life of food and prevents freezer burn by removing air from around the food.

What does it do: When buying in bulk, you can divide the product into smaller portions and easily preserve and store the food for later. The Cromify Vacuum Sealer uses a brushless motor to remove the air and vacuum-seal foods. To use, put the top of the vacuum seal bag in the chamber and close. Select whether the food is dry or moist and press start. The lid pops up when the bag is sealed. The starter kit, which comes with 10 medium-size bags and a vacuum bag roll that can be cut to fit smaller or larger items, sells for $49.98.

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Wildwood Grilling Planks

What’s to love: Grilling season. Who else is ready? These grilling planks are a great way to add smoked flavor on the grill. No smoker required.

What does it do: Wildwood Grilling planks are available in cedar, alder, cherry, hickory, maple and red oak — each will add a different flavor to the meat or vegetable being grilled. The planks should be submerged in water or even apple juice or wine for at least 15 minutes to an hour before placing on a heated grill. Close the grill lid and allow the smoke to add flavor. The website gives suggestions on what foods each type of wood would complement. Prices vary according to the type of wood selected.


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