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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: No perfect times exist | Trump Republicans | Turned back on them

May 3, 2022 at 4:32 a.m.

No perfect times exist

Mike Masterson can really extol those good old days of the 1970s. Remember the gas crises and rationing? I worked as a buyer for a company that used chemicals, and the chemists were constantly having to reformulate based on what was available. How about the Vietnam War (or conflict or whatever, by any other name)? I am glad that crime in major cities "felt largely under control" as you view the past with rose-colored glasses; do you have statistics? Then there was Watergate with politicians even then "serving their own agendas." Gasp!

My brother and I were born 20 years apart, he before the Great Depression and I just after World War II. We can both look back with nostalgia for our good ol' days. An economic crisis was brewing in the late 1920s which resulted in radically stripped-down economic times for most of my brother's childhood. He could say that it was a simpler, more innocent time compared to the "Mad Men," Joe McCarthy times of the 1950s and '60s. I could counter that, by then, the family was on more secure economic footing with a nice car and vacations. Yet he went from high school directly into World War II, and many young men from my generation went into the Vietnam War.

There are no perfect times, Mike. And the 1970s were no different.



Trump Republicans

Not all of us Arkansas Republicans are Trump Republicans, and we are certainly in the minority.

This is evident by the fact that Sarah Sanders is probably going to be governor when Leslie Rutledge is so better qualified. Since Donald Trump endorsed Sanders, Arkansas is missing out on a chance to have a strong woman who not only would have been a very good first woman governor but also a very good governor, period. How many tough stands has she taken to protect the citizenry of Arkansas, and taken national heat for them? A lot.

There is no denying that Trump as president changed the Republican Party, and mostly for the better. But many of his actions are very worrisome. His praise of the North Korean and Russian dictators still ring in my ears. I wish he'd apologize to the people for those callous remarks, especially in the wake of Vladimir Putin's attack on Ukraine and the nuclear threats from the North Korea madman.

I caution fellow Arkansas Republicans to think past Donald Trump for our next president as there are several very capable candidates out there.


Hot Springs

Turned back on them

Asa Hutchinson, you are disgusting! You have turned down millions of dollars in rental assistance for needy Arkansans for a talking point to run for higher office. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting your political career ahead of the needs of Arkansans, many of whom have supported you as governor, and you have turned your back on them.

You should be ashamed.


Little Rock

Need to lead charge

The change is coming and unfortunately Arkansas is already behind. That change is electric vehicles and the charging stations to power them. Every existing auto manufacturer is going electric and new companies are joining the change to electric, so the vehicle is coming, like it or not.

Arkansas' biggest problem is charging ports. When it comes to places to charge up an electric vehicle, especially fast, Arkansas is at the bottom of the national list again.

So how can we change this? We can put Arkansas near the top of the list and ahead of the curve by passing a requirement in the Legislature. That requirement is simple: Require one fast-charging station for every four new gas pumps at new gas stations being built. They could also require the same rule to stations being remodeled.

Four new stations have been built in my neighborhood recently. There were four opportunities lost to install fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. The charging stations are not cheap, but installing one while a station is being constructed is the best time to put them in. As the number of electric vehicles begins to increase, the owners of the stations will see that installing charging stations from the start was a great move.

So if Arkansas wants to be a national leader on charging stations, the Legislature can easily do this by requiring new gas stations to put in the chargers at the same time. The electric cars are coming; let's get the state ready to fuel them without worrying where a charging station is.


Little Rock

Must be punishment

It is now a known fact that Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy and certain Republican members of Congress tried to alter the electoral votes in Trump's favor and knew that there was going to be a riot by those gathered outside the Capitol. In essence, they attempted a coup to overthrow our government and our democracy. Under our Constitution, that is against the law.

Had they been successful, we would now have a leader who worships Vladimir Putin and would try to use the military to do his dirty work just like he did on the plaza just to have his picture taken during the Black Lives Matter march.

The attorney general has the information; I think he should be issuing warrants instead of sitting on his thumbs trying to decide if he should issue subpoenas. If the people that took part in the Big Lie escape punishment, then as one potential presidential candidate wants to do, sunset all laws and start something new.

Where does the caravan start for those moving to Canada?



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