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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Always check the facts | The wicked never rest

May 6, 2022 at 2:40 a.m.

Always check the facts

Dana Kelley's " Woke under fire" was very concerning to me that the paper does not have editors looking for the facts.

Mr. Kelley started by giving a biased understanding of education in Florida and giving Ron DeSantis credit for the good rankings by The Nation's Report Card and the American Legislative Exchange Council. The most recent publication of the National Report Card was 2019, about the same time DeSantis took office as governor.

Those who read columns by Mr. Kelley should always Google his references. The American Legislative Exchange Council is not nonpartisan as he states, but a very conservative state legislator and corporate organization that changed its name from the Conservative Caucus of State Legislators. The organization has been responsible for passing 200 model bills per year in state legislatures dealing with reducing regulations for corporations and taxation for individuals, loosening environmental rules, opposing gun control, and restrictions to voter registration.

Concerning DeSantis and his fight with Disney, Mr. Kelley makes this MAGA cult playbook statement: "There's a dictatorial arrogance among the woke elite that insists on capitulation ... [and] celebrates a gay agenda, but would crucify a religious one." Mr. Kelley continues to believe this should be a Christian nation but ignores the reality of the present-day diversity of religion and personal choices and the increase in people who are non-affiliated and nonbelievers. Christians and older white citizens are a dwindling cohort of our country.

The use of the word "woke" has become another term conservatives are distorting the real meaning of for political purposes.

I personally would want to be aware and actively attentive to important facts and issues, especially those of racial and social injustice (woke), instead of returning to the Dark Ages by banning books and school curricula.



The wicked never rest

If lies, duplicitous behavior, sycophancy, groveling, vengeance and belligerent ignorance each had mass and substance so you could gather them up in one massive pile, then weigh them all, I believe the total would be only ounces when compared to the tons of crimes and unethical acts caused by a political party and its psychopathic, narcissistic leader that occur at such frequency and mach-rated speed that any attempt to isolate, contemplate, apprise and evaluate any one of their egregious acts is impossible ... lost in the dust of their next bad act, then another bad act, and another, another ... until one's mind is numbed by the enormous weight of their evil and malevolence.

I've learned the slowness of the law renders it utterly useless when the wicked operate at breakneck speed and never let up.


Little Rock

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