Tools & Toys: NEATSheets and Bearback Pet Scratcher

NEATSheets and Bearback Pet Scratcher
NEATSheets and Bearback Pet Scratcher


What’s to love: Bigger than a napkin, nicer than a plastic bib and has adhesive tabs for sticking on your clothes.

What does it do: Who hasn’t dribbled a little ketchup or mustard on themselves while grabbing a bite to eat in the car? These disposable sheets are 13-by-22-inches with an absorbent colorful paper on the front and a water repellent back. Great for eating on the go, crawfish boils, barbecues or anywhere there is messy food being served. Two adhesive tabs allow the NEATSheets to be attached to clothing covering the torso and lap. They are available in four different designs including a traditional red and white check and in different size packages from personal to party size — 20, 80, 100 and 400-count options. Price range from $18-$145. Visit for more information.

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Bearback Pet Scratcher

What’s to love: I kind of laughed when I first saw this. It looks like a giant back scratcher or small garden tool. But my dog loves it and is definitely getting more pets and scratches.

What does it do: The scratcher is made with an aluminium handle that extends from 21 to 30 inches and a plastic five-inch wide scratching head with flexible tines. It can be useful for those with trouble bending down to pet their dog or if the dog is dirty and still needs pets. While this is probably best for larger dogs because the scratching head is large, my dachshund thinks it is perfect for back scratches while he lies at my feet when I sit out on the deck. More details are at

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