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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: She doesn't have plan | Vote in GOP primary | Must not know many

May 10, 2022 at 4:18 a.m.

She doesn't have plan

I have been seeing Sarah Huckabee Sanders' ad (where she blames Joe Biden for gas prices and inflation) in which she pledges to phase out Arkansas income taxes. That sounds great on face value; none of us like to pay taxes. However, it begs an important question: how to fill that void.

Law enforcement, firefighters, teachers, state health and social workers, county clerks, judges, office personnel, Department of Transportation road crews ... the list of state services that all of us rely on daily are funded in large measure by the income tax we pay goes on and on. I would like to hear Sarah's plan on how she plans to keep those services operating adequately while also doing away with state income taxes. If you fall into one of those occupations, expect drastic cuts.

The truth is Sarah doesn't have a plan. It's simply a great soundbite from someone whose campaign is based on two things: that her father was a former governor and she was a mouthpiece for Donald Trump. A look at her resume shows someone who's never had a private-sector job and no true connection to Arkansas or the real world. We can do better.


Hot Springs

Vote in GOP primary

Not ashamed at all to call myself a registered Democrat. But in this open primary I intend to vote the Republican ballot. Why? Because I can. It is my intention to vote against the former Trump press secretary, that big-monied and national gubernatorial Republican shoo-in Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Fact is, no Democrat running for statewide office has a Hades-bound snowball's chance of winning. The opposition has this state gerrymandered and hornswoggled to the point that in my county (Franklin) there is no Democratic Party presence at all.

So I say to my fellow Democrats: Make your vote count in this primary; vote Republican.



Must not know many

If Marie Clark is wondering where all the pro-life foster parents are, then I think she must not know many pro-lifers or foster parents. I work with the foster-care system and can tell her that many foster parents are involved in the system through faith-based groups and are pro-lifers. It's easy to caricature your opponents with such a thought-terminating cliché. It is a bit harder to talk to them and find out.


Fort Smith

But what about men?

Just wondering: When are Republicans going to start punishing men for having sex that results in an unwanted pregnancy? Seems to me that they are too over-eager to make life miserable for women and let the males just zip up and walk away.

And we already know how much Republicans are willing to spend to ease the pain of poverty in this country: nothing.



He deserves a chance

Recently my wife and I grabbed the opportunity to meet and chat with Chris Jones. In shaking hands with him, he met my eyes in a firm, friendly way, which read no fear and a mission at hand. It was a sunny spring day and the broad front porch was already full of folks anxious about politics, one way or another. My guess was these folks tended to vote Democratic, but mixed with a blend of disenchanted Republicans seeking refuge from the rambling, stumbling GOP and perhaps other independents, like me.

Jones is as personable as Bill Clinton, and that's saying a lot. He's an Arkansas native with family here going back 200 years. Arkansas has always been a small state that produces big talent.

Chris Jones' qualifications in specific terms of education, experience, preparation and determination seem stellar. An online search will verify that his background and training qualifies him to move our governmental response to our needs as a society in a direction that raises the middle class generally,

This is how he says it. PB&J is more than a sandwich: P is for pre-K, and a variety of other essential directions for education. B is for broadband capability, so every home has access. And J is for jobs, for growing the number of better-paying jobs.

I believe this man is equipped and ready to accomplish what is required to bring a fresh vision to Arkansas. I met him. I liked him. I say let's give him a chance.


Eureka Springs

Census time capsule

Reading the day's newspaper on a Saturday morning at 4 in the dark, of course on my iPad, I see an article about the Ireland census.

The Irish can now add to the census record being made a personal note, hand-drawn if need be, a statement which will be preserved for 100 years before the general public can read it. I think this is a wonderful idea, and everyone should tell our congressional delegation to pass legislation to allow this feature in our own census.

A lot of things have changed over the decades. Some good changes have happened. A lot of bad changes, in my opinion, have occurred. But the census is somewhat constant. I think this change is a good idea and should be incorporated into our own census. Perhaps, in the counties in Arkansas where response to the census is low even though it harms the general welfare because funds are appropriated based on the census data, the census response will improve.

This ability to read my newspaper early in the morning in the dark without ever getting out of bed seems to me a positive thing.


Little Rock

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