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May 14, 2022 at 3:04 a.m.

Just a little courtesy

Kudos to Gwen Faulkenberry for another courageous column, this one regarding sadness leading to madness in the politics of today. I, too, believe in free speech. But oh how I wish people cared for expressing the truth versus opinion, particularly when we are talking about who governs the citizens of our very state.

Chris Jones, running for governor, is probably one of the most educated people running for governor in this nation, one of the few for sure with a Ph.D. (in urban planning, no less). He is steeped in Christianity and there's nothing in his life that shows him to be anything other than someone who cares deeply for people, more importantly, the people of Arkansas. I, too, implore Mrs. Sarah Sanders, also running for governor, to condemn the misinformation some of the people supporting her are lodging. A little courtesy would do us all a world of good.



Cease name-calling

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: You have a commercial that is airing repeatedly where you say that your identity comes from God. I'd just like to remind you that there are many good folks in Arkansas who are Democrats who also claim the Christian faith. We are not "radical," and we are not the enemy of the land as you would want others to believe.

In fact, we are taxpaying citizens who attend church every Sunday and serve our neighbors and God. We are just like you, but we just happen to disagree with you on some basic theological and political premises. I honor your faith and your commitment to what you believe. As a Christian, I would like the same respect. Even the Apostles Peter and Paul didn't agree on everything and, as the Bible says, "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear." Please stop the labeling and name-calling.


North Little Rock

A dangerous decision

In what can only be described as lack of judgment, leave of senses, or plain blatant stupidity, it seems the Arkansas Department of Transportation has outdone itself. Between Cantrell Road and the river bridge exists a rather long, steep hill replete with curves, especially on the northbound side at the base. There were channels (grooves) in the concrete to help draining and traction. This has all been covered with asphalt. Right before summer.

Let the Arkansas summer sun bake that a few days and then get a shower. It'll be akin to a skating rink. Vehicles will pinball and carom into each other, causing loss of property and possibly life. Why?


Little Rock

Where decision made

In two presidential elections (1952, 1956) when war hero Dwight Eisenhower ran against egghead Adlai Stevenson, Arkansas voted for Stevenson. That was the solid Democratic South that had existed for over a century.

Around 1960, the national Democratic Party could no longer abide Jim Crow and began backing civil-rights legislation. By 1964, most of the South had flipped Republican. Arkansas was slower to convert because of some outstanding Democratic personalities, but we're solidly Republican now with no sign of change.

The May 24 primary will be our real election, and in November, Arkansas will send a Republican to the Senate--hardly matters which one--four Republicans to the House, and elect Republicans to all statewide offices. We will get little benefit from those choices.

For years, our representatives in Congress have obstructed efforts to make things better for the people of Arkansas. As Dave Dingler recently pointed out on this page, we need $500 million to expand high-speed Internet access in the state, and all of our members of Congress voted against federal help. All voted against Biden's popular infrastructure bill. There are reportedly about 200 bills passed by the Democratic House, including things like expanded child tax credits, being filibustered by Republicans in the Senate. Asa turned down $146 million in much-needed rent assistance. Our next governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, wants to eliminate income taxes that account for about half the state's revenue. Our representatives have, of course, voted to cut taxes for the rich, increasing the national debt.

I plan to vote in the Republican primary on May 24 since that is where most electoral decisions will be made. In the Senate race, I think I will vote for Jake Bequette rather than boring John Boozman. If we are not going to get any benefit from our senatorial choice, we might as well go for entertainment value. Bequette and Tom Cotton could contend for most heinous senator. The gun lady would be even more fun, but I don't think she has a shot. Pun intended.


Little Rock

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