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Super Quiz: Americana

May 14, 2022 at 1:31 a.m.

1. This ship carried the first permanent settlers of New England from the Old World.

2. What or who were Laura, Katrina and Ida?

3. Maui is the second largest of these islands.

4. What color are the Smurfs?

5. What does the song title tell you to tie "round the ole oak tree"?

6. Who was the American Indian friend of the Lone Ranger?

7. This legendary railroad worker was a "steel-driving man."

8. Who starred in the 1934 film "Little Miss Marker"?

9. This fictional lumberjack had Babe the Blue Ox as a companion.


1. Mayflower

2. Hurricanes

3. Hawaiian Islands

4. Blue

5. A Yellow Ribbon

6. Tonto

7. John Henry

8. Shirley Temple

9. Paul Bunyan

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Americana


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