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Arkansas defense keeps UCA quiet

by Ethan Westerman Special to the NWA Democrat-Gazette | November 12, 2022 at 3:05 a.m.
Mike Neighbors

FAYETTEVILLE-- On a morning when noise was aplenty, the University of Arkansas women's basketball team made certain points were few and far between for Central Arkansas, taking down the Sugar Bears 72-34 on Friday at Walton Arena.

Arkansas (2-0) played its Elementary Day game with 7,410 people in attendance, which was the 15th-largest home crowd in program history.

"I'll ask everybody to ask your questions about eight decibels higher than you normally do," Razorbacks Coach Mike Neighbors said to begin his postgame news conference. "Because my ears are still ringing from the first explosion of sound when our kids came out. That's the loudest it's been in there in a long time."

UCA (0-2) Coach Sandra Rushing shared a similar experience.

"I'm glad our players had the opportunity to play in such an amazing, amazing atmosphere," Rushing said. "Now, I don't know how my head's going to beat it tonight."

Arkansas set the tone in the first half defensively. The Razorbacks held the Sugar Bears to 14 points off 14.8% shooting and raced out to a 35-14 halftime lead.

"We're a lot better defensively," Neighbors said. "I walked in there at halftime, and I was chewing them pretty good, and I looked down I said, 'Wait a second, they're shooting 17%.' "

The Sugar Bears finished 21.8% from the floor, including a 2-of-19 clip on three-pointers. Rushing credited the Hogs for giving her team fits.

"I thought it was really good the way they were jumping out aggressive on us," she said. "I mean, knock us, hit us, make us tough. Those are the things that will help us down the road."

Leading the Razorbacks was senior forward Erynn Barnum, whose 19 points and nine rebounds nearly gave her a second-straight double-double. She also made a career-high nine free throws on a perfect shooting day at the line.

"It's no surprise to us," teammate Makayla Daniels said of Barnum's performance. "I think it's a surprise to other people, but not to us. We see her do it in practice every day. Throughout the two games that we played, she's been consistent."

Daniels chipped in 14 points and a game-high four assists. The Razorbacks scored 24 points off the bench, including a 10-point, 5-rebound effort from freshman Maryam Dauda.

Arkansas outrebounded UCA by 3 and scored 16 points off 18 Sugar Bear turnovers.

Kinley Fisher and Parris Atkins each scored scored points to lead the Sugar Bears.

The Razorbacks will return to Walton Arena on Monday night to face Tulsa. UCA will next face Lindenwood in the team's home opener Tuesday.

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Kyjai Miles;20;2-7;0-2;2-5;3;0;4

Kinley Fisher;24;3-9;0-0;0-3;0;0;7

Gloria Fornah;26;0-4;2-4;2-6;5;0;2

Siera Carter;10;0-2;2-3;0-1;2;0;2

Kayla Mitchell;20;2-3;0-0;0-2;5;1;5

Randrea Wright;20;0-5;1-2;0-1;2;1;1

Parris Atkins;32;3-16;1-4;1-5;2;1;7

Jenny Peake;11;0-5;0-0;3-4;1;0;0

Kierra Prim;28;2-3;2-4;4-9;4;0;6

Lashiyah Fowler;7;0-1;0-0;0-0;2;0;0

Leah Perry;2;0-0;0-0;0-0;0;0;0

Jada Wilmington;2;0-0;0-0;0-1;0;0;0



PCT. — FG 21.8, FT 42.1. 3-PT. — 2-19, 10.5 (Fisher 1-5, Mitchell 1-2). BL — 1 (Prim 1). TO — 18 (Mitchell 4). ST — 5 (Five with 1).


Erynn Barnum;22;5-8;9-9;4-9;2;2;19

Saylor Poffenbarger;30;0-5;2-4;0-7;1;1;2

Samara Spencer;19;1-5;3-7;0-2;3;3;5

Chrissy Carr;25;2-8;2-2;0-8;1;0;8

Makayla Daniels;24;5-8;3-6;0-2;0;4;14

Rylee Langerman;24;3-5;1-3;0-4;2;0;9

Jersey Wolfenbarger;20;2-6;0-1;0-1;2;0;5

Maryam Dauda;17;4-6;2-3;3-5;3;0;10

Emrie Ellis;13;0-1;0-0;1-4;0;0;0

Karley Johnson;3;0-0;0-0;0-0;0;0;0

Loren Lindsey;1;0-0;0-0;0-0;0;0;0



PCT. — FG 42.3, FT 62.9. 3-PT. — 6-22, 27.3 (Langerman 2-4, Carr 2-6, Daniels 1-2, Wolfenbarger 1-3). BL — 6 (Barnum 3). TO — 11 (Carr 3). ST — 7 (Daniels 4).



Officials — Hall, Bell, Beverley

Attendance — 7,410


  photo  Sandra Rushing

Print Headline: Arkansas defense keeps UCA quiet


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