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November 12, 2022 at 3:29 a.m.

Welfare of animals

I am writing this letter to demand justice on behalf of an abused and starved dog in Little Rock. We cannot have the audacity to call ourselves civilized or Christian as long as we allow this horrendous abuse to continue.

A lovely and innocent dog was confined to a pen and chained without food and eventually died, its body emaciated, with every rib sharply outlined. A number of kind individuals attempted to intervene but were too late to save this poor animal. It is my understanding that Little Rock Animal Control was notified and visited the site, but took no action which could have averted this tragic situation. The person living in the home took no responsibility for the welfare of this dog.

I am beyond angry. I am heartbroken and appalled. As long as we are paying taxes to support services for animals we are entitled to expect a much better outcome than this. Please contact anyone you know who loves animals and tell them the story of how this dog died in a rainstorm, quite possibly feeling totally alone and abandoned. Humanity must do better than this!


Little Rock

This is where you are

The Great Commission: I am with you until the end of the "age." In his church, to guide it into all truth. In the assemblies of the faithful, to receive their worship and present their prayers to the father. In the official acts of his ministries, the true high priest and pastor of his church and in the hearts of the faithful as the source of their spiritual life and growth. The omnipresence of Christ reflects his divinity. Most nations have been ravaged through history; perhaps it is America's time to be tempered in fire. When you hear the news, hold on to this deep vision. America's children will rebuild her again. Men get their strength and courage in building, not in enjoying; so hold onto your faith, do not fear the future at all.



Should be interesting

Georgia runoff? I know, "Let's have a spelling contest."



Many more qualified

Arkansas never fails to amaze me. I know Chris Jones wasn't going to win, not because he wasn't qualified for the job, well ... we know why. What is so amazing to me is the lieutenant governor is more qualified for the job; even the attorney general is more qualified. Everyone seems to be more qualified than the one who has the job.

Good job, little George, I hope you do a better job. Please don't make a mess; God and all the world are watching. Good job, little George.


Little Rock

They're not the same

Syndicated writer Bret Stephens' recent column in the Democrat-Gazette warns of mounting antisemitism, both on the political right and the left. The phenomenon should concern all of us. However, he is mistaken to treat left- and right-wing bigotry as equivalent.

The antisemitism of the right is far more likely to turn deadly. The Anti-Defamation League attributes three quarters of antisemitic murders during the last 10 years to right-wing perpetrators. There simply is nothing on the left like the murder of 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue by a right-wing extremist in 2018.

Nor is there on the left anything to match the report, widely circulated among right-wing antisemites, that a laser beam from outer space, controlled by a Jew, set off one of the most destructive of the recent California forest fires. This is straight from cloud cuckoo.

Nor have comparable theories taken root in the Democratic Party as wild conspiracy-mongering has taken root in the Republican Party. One of the adopters of the laser-from-outer space theory is Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican congresswoman from Georgia. Kevin McCarthy is considered likely to award her a leadership position if, as expected, Republicans win a majority in the House. Former President Trump has begun to mention Greene as a potential running mate, should he run again in 2024.

Stephens seems to equate criticism of Israel with antisemitism. No doubt there is an element of that in some of the criticism of Israel. But it is commitment to humane principles and pragmatic policy considerations that drive most of the criticism of Israel's treatment of Palestinians. That is why so many Jews, including Israelis, are among the sharpest critics of current policies and recent actions.

I look forward to reading upcoming columns, when, I trust, Mr. Stephens will not so significantly bend the nail when he strikes it.


Little Rock

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