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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Account for actions | Importance of choice | Carefully maintained

November 15, 2022 at 3:00 a.m.

Account for actions

What? President Biden cannot forgive certain student debt but ex-President Trump may allegedly steal top-secret federal documents and strew them about his private home to show off for his buddies? Have we no spine? No national will to call Trump to account for his actions?

I think we should impeach Trump judges, then send Trump to prison. Save our democracy. Save our freedom. Save our nation for all who live in the United States of America.


Little Rock

Importance of choice

Every school-choice family has their story. Their story of how a broken education system failed their child, or was ill-equipped to fulfill the needs of the student and their family.

Ours was all of the above. We weren't happy with our children's school--bullying issues went unaddressed, and our oldest was in and out of detention as the system failed him. We kept our children in this school because we didn't think we had any other option.

As the pandemic hit, my family learned that my wife's father had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, so we needed to be extra careful to limit any exposure to him.

This meant we needed to keep our children out of school.

When we approached the school, they retaliated by threatening us with law enforcement if we did not agree to send our children to school at least three days a week.

We were shocked. No parent should be treated like a criminal just because they want something else for their child's education. We needed another option, and that's when we found the Arkansas Virtual Academy (ARVA).

We just started our third year with ARVA, and all three of our children are thriving. One of our children is autistic, and he was able to get a 504 plan in place within weeks of starting at ARVA. All three of our children are on honor roll, including our oldest who failed sixth grade at his previous school.

We love it as it gives us a front-row seat into their education--from the curriculum they learn to the way they interact with their teachers and peers.

My family is a testament to the importance of parent choice. No parent should be forced to accept an education that doesn't work for their children, or threatens their family's health and safety.



Carefully maintained

I've a longtime acquaintance with a Trump Republican that's been carefully maintained over the years. The work in preserving the relationship relies primarily on knowing which subjects not to discuss, and works well because we have more in common than differences; you can guess the most likely issues.

It's inevitable, however, that "sticky" subjects will make their way to the surface, most recently the overwhelming evidence they found that proved the Earth was flat ... this is who we're dealing with!



It boggles the mind

I wonder how anyone can continue to support the death penalty when a man in Texas is executed for killing his mother, and a man in Florida gets life without parole after killing 17 people at a high school.



Assess the situation

Before we Democrats celebrate too quickly that The Donald finally got his comeuppance, consider a few simple points. Donald Trump has already taught a generation of new politicians how to win: name-call, mock, belittle, lie. It's a done deal, lessons learned, too late, the barn door latched. You can't put six years of incivility and dishonesty back in the bottle. Winning is the only thing, right, Mr. Trump? This is what will get him a permanent place in the history books ... as a cautionary tale.

This minor setback is actually a blessing to the GOP. It may be free of its problem child, and didn't have to lift a finger.

The stage is swept clear for a new beginning. Mr. Ron DeSantis' problem is solved: how to quietly get Mr. Trump to the sidelines. Can Trump even survive out of the limelight? Now the governor can focus on taking over the job as quarterback vilifying America's enemies (Dems, far left, socialists, immigrants, etc.), forging a new America with an iron fist.

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy do need to be replaced, not because they failed Trump, but because they hid from the party makers who invaded and defiled our Congress and then failed to confront and remove the man who gave the party. Let someone else do it.

So, there is cause to celebrate, even for new-and-improved Republican leaders: A stone has been removed from their necks and they get to keep the far-right warriors in the congregation.

This miracle of the ballot box was in the end no one's child. No one gets to crow.

Leaders couldn't deliver 50 percent plus one to win that day despite big-dollar donations and expenditures. But unscripted and unled, 5 to 7 percent of the voters crossed the line and, using common sense, finally voted against The Big Lie and an oppressive Supreme Court. Kudos to the brave!

Start the parade. Let us celebrate democracy's victory. But now, who will stay and help sweep up the confetti after the parade?



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