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Drivetime Mahatma — Trash is as trash does, but new Gill Street bridge coming on Cantrell

by Frank Fellone | November 19, 2022 at 4:51 a.m.

Dear Mahatma: My wife and I often drive on Cantrell Road, particularly between Cedar Hill Road and downtown. There has been a trash problem for years, but now there are also pieces of broken telephone or light poles, as well as tree branches. At the same, the median on the viaduct just west of the Dillard's headquarters has been in pieces for at least 10 years, and is very unsightly. -- Midland

Dear Middie: Three things to say about this.

First, since Cantrell is Arkansas 10, the cleanup work is the job of the Arkansas Department of Transportation. We are assured by ArDot that this area will be discussed with the crew that does the cleaning up there.

Second, the median is on the Gill Street bridge, just east of Dillard's. A bridge replacement project is expected to be let for bids in June 2023. Patience shall be rewarded with both a new bridge and a new median.

Third, people are a large part of the trash problem. Trash is as trash does.

Dear Mahatma: Regarding your explanation of traffic congestion, a similar thing happens when troops march in a long formation. Units at the rear vacillate from almost motionless to running to catch up. One case where being last is a negative thing. -- Hup Tup Threep

Dear Forp: We like to think of traffic congestion as too many vehicles creating a critical mess. Excuse us, a critical mass.

The marching reference reminds us of boot camp. Our flight (platoon) was marching along in four columns when our drill sergeant ordered a half-right step. ("HA-RI, UNN!" ) For those who have not enjoyed the charms of boot camp, that's a 45-degree turn.

The poor guy at the front of the first column, on the left, smartly executed a half-left. It took several steps before he realized he was sadly alone. At which point we learned what it meant to cuss like a drill sergeant.

Dear Mahatma: I've got a question from my days of growing up in Little Rock. I recall there being a city ordinance regarding noise pollution. You would have to take your car to specific gas stations and they would place this measuring device in your tailpipe. It seems like these late model Chargers, Mustangs and Camaros are as loud as the late I-30 Speedway. -- Ear Plugs

Dear Plus: Arkansas Code Annotated 27-37-601 prohibits excessive tailpipe noise. So there.

We do recall the days when cars had to have an annual safety inspection, a requirement eliminated during the administration of Gov. Mike Huckabee. Let's be honest, didn't we always hate those inspections? You never knew when the hammer would fall.

As for the noise measuring device, that rings no mental bells. Anyone out there know about this tailpipe thing?

Regarding Chargers, Mustangs and Camaros, we confess to loving them all.

Vanity plate: TOE BIZ. Our correspondent wonders about this. Podiatrist? Pedicurist? Ballet teacher? Football placekicker?

Print Headline: East part of Cantrell gets a look


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