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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Stooges on sidelines | Started with Reagan | Submerged in dogma

November 23, 2022 at 3:00 a.m.

Stooges on sidelines

Congratulations to the UA Razorbacks on a well-deserved victory over Ole Miss on Saturday! Our household was gathered with friends 'round the TV enjoying the warm fire, good food and watching a welcomed victory to become bowl-eligible.

While the win over Ole Miss was a boost for the Razorback faithful, the coverage by the three stooges was annoying. Their comments and ridiculous behavior was juvenile and a distraction during the game. They should have been talking about the plays and players on the field. I realize the game was won early; however, Curly, Larry and Moe's style of coverage was unprofessional.


Hot Springs

Started with Reagan

The need for parties to believe they have to control Congress to get anything done is tragic and not the founding intent. Congress once worked together for the best of the nation, but those younger than 40 years old have never seen Congress working together.

I believe the problem started in 1980 with Ronald Reagan, who believed that government is the problem, get all you can and do not give anything back. Since the 1980s the party of the rich that puts party before country takes what it can and gives nothing back. Since that time it has sent $50 trillion from the middle class to the top 1 percent, and $42 million from the middle class to the lower class.

This country was established for all to participate for democracy and success. It seems when the Republicans are in control, they stonewall legislation and appointees introduced by Democrats as if it is a game. Congress will not accomplish what is best for the nation with this mindset, and not until those with the Reagan philosophy are replaced.


Hot Springs

Submerged in dogma

Once again Arkansas voters are two years behind. Just as we see the changes made by so many states whose majorities previously elected Donald Trump-backed candidates, this midterm election saw Arkansas voters, with gerrymandered help, primarily re-elect and/or elect candidates with both feet submerged in Trump's dogma.

If those officials want to stop the pendulum from swinging them out of office in subsequent elections, I suggest they step out of their morass and walk toward the center's ground.

They can then find comfort on the solid land that acknowledges compromise and added constitutional amendments to enfranchise all voters.


Little Rock

Empowering health

Health-care workers are encouraging Arkansans to get the flu and covid vaccines before the holidays as cases rise. I am thankful for well-trained health-care providers who work hard to provide us with resources to battle sickness. I received the covid and flu shots recently, which took 10-15 minutes. I am grateful for health-care access because a few months ago, I traveled to a clinic by bus for two hours when I was sick in Peru.

While waiting at the clinic, I saw an indigenous woman walk in who could barely speak because she had an enlarged mass on her neck. I wondered why the woman had not come in sooner when she was in a lot of pain. I later realized she had to walk for hours or days to reach the clinic.

This past summer, I volunteered for a nonprofit in Peru called Awamaki, which empowers indigenous women by promoting their businesses in weaving clothing. The women I worked with told me they avoided going to clinics because they were far and cars rarely passed by their community. However, if they became sick, they would stop working for days without earning income.

Access to rural health care is a prevalent issue globally and Sen. John Boozman is on the subcommittee that funds foreign aid. I was encouraged to hear that Senator Boozman had offered to write to USAID requesting information about their primary health-care spending.

Improving health care abroad means the women I worked with could visit the clinic and continue working to support their families, and the woman I encountered at the clinic could be treated earlier. I encourage Senator Boozman to write the letter as soon as possible, and I hope he continues to support empowering women and women's health in Arkansas and globally.



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