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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Glad Arkansas is red | Ditched by my friend | Stand up for America

November 29, 2022 at 4:25 a.m.

Glad Arkansas is red

This is in reference to John Zach's letter in which he lamented that Arkansas was a red state. He believes that Arkansas should be a two-party state. Thank God Arkansas is a red state. It could be a blue state where our senators and congressmen vote in lockstep to whatever the president wants. A president with an approval rating hovering around 42 percent. Arkansas senators and Congressmen did not vote to approve things like 87,000 more IRS agents or part of $20 billion for climate change in Indonesia (Arkansas' annual budget is around $6 billion). All of this for a president that cannot remember that his son did not die in Iraq.

Yes, I thank God for my red-state legislators.


Little Rock

Ditched by my friend

I have looked forward to hearing from my good friend Tom Cotton on an almost-daily basis for many years now. I thought we had something special. Tom "personally" reached out to me on many occasions. He "humbly" asked me for donations so we could stop Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the "godless Democrats." When there was a "major mid-month" fundraising deadline and we were short of money, I agonized right along with Tom.

I often shared some of the missives my friend's campaign sent to me here on these pages. Sometime shortly after my last letter discussing some of my friend Tom's campaign material, I apparently was removed from their email list. I hoped it was a glitch and might be restored, but alas, here we are months later, and no Tom for me.

So I hope that Tom is reading today. I'm feeling despair, Tom. You don't write, you don't call. I'm beside myself now because I'm wondering if maybe we weren't as close of friends as I thought. I thought I was helping to spread the word, Tom; did I do something wrong?

I was part of "Team Cotton." Tom, you told me personally that you were "humbled by the trust it signifies." Now I don't know what to think. Come back, Tom! I want to make myself worthy and leave you humbled again. Please, Tom, tell your staff to put me back on your email list.



Stand up for America

Every time I read the opinions sections of this paper, it feels like an assault on our freedoms and the conservative point of view. Anything from law and order to the Second Amendment to the conservative intellect. I guess my liberal friends in Little Rock, Bella Vista and Hot Springs Village wish to give up all of their freedoms in order to have the government cradle-to-grave care. I would caution all that forfeiting your rights due to the woke agenda will get you trouble in the long run.

I have lived, while I served in the military, in countries who limited the citizenry's rights; not a pretty picture. Spain in the '70s under Franco is a prime example. People would not speak ill of him for fear of retaliation. When he died there was rejoicing in the streets because of his relentless and oppressive control over the citizenry.

And by the way, I believe the Biden agenda and the liberals in the Congress would like nothing more than to limit your rights. Remember the Biden-appointed speech czarina Nina Jankowicz, who sang to us all about limiting speech? And by the way, they are still trying, just covertly. Yet we complain about alleged police in every bathroom and bedroom?

If good people do not stand up for America and her rights, they will disappear and you liberals who constantly criticize will get your just deserts.


Hot Springs Village

The basic difference

Sometimes ... sometimes, the hero you need isn't the hero you want. As I watched the Razorbacks lose to the Missouri Tigers en route to a 6-6 record, I remember how much I'd brag to my brother that I could do a better job than any Arkansas coach because I knew the key to winning.

Coaches don't make championship teams, players do. And if anyone could draw great players to the U of A, it was going to be me. Of course, like everyone else, my brother said of Sam Pittman that he wanted to be here. (Unlike me, who had no real love for the Razorbacks. I'm a USC Trojan guy.) But I told him straight. Love of school or state has nothing to do with it. In the age of NIL (Name-Image-Likeness), you need a hired gun who can lure talent.

Sam Pittman is a good coach, whereas I've never coached a game in my life. But I'm sure my guys would beat his. Why?

More and better talent. But that's not important. You see, Pittman wants to be here. I just want to win.


Little Rock

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