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The most important

It's football season. Some colleges have football teams; some football teams have colleges.



Need to laugh more

Why have we become so sensitive? Why don't we laugh more? Really belly laugh more--the enjoying-type laughter. We've all heard it said, "Laughter is the world's best medicine."

Comedians make their living telling jokes to make us laugh. Sitcoms are geared to bring out laughter. Now what are they doing to make us laugh? It mostly is making fun of us or situations we get ourselves into that are embarrassing. We are laughing at ourselves. I have laughed at Jethro, Barney, Gomer, Goober, Aunt Esther, Redd Foxx, Amos and Andy (especially the Kingfish), the "Seinfeld" gang and "Friends" crowd, the "Big Bang" group and "Young Sheldon" family and many others like Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, Eddie Murphy, and Jeff Foxworthy who made fun of me and some of my buddies. We laugh because we can relate to them or the situations they get into. I have met characters like Barney, we even called a friend Barney, and the Aunt Esther I met had me rolling in the aisle. Even Fonzie reminds me of a past friend. Maybe Don Rickles' type of humor was a little overboard, but those he ridiculed got belly laughs. Dean Martin's roasts were a delight.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if we all could rekindle our laughter and not be so sensitive about our religion, race, ethics, economic situation and just laugh more? I realize some comments can be hurtful, but hey, the condemner has the problem, not you. Mercy sakes alive. Laugh and be glad you can do so. Let's start laughing more. Life is too brief to harbor hurt feelings, resentment and bitterness. If someone tries to offend you, walk away. They have the problem. Enjoy your life with friends and family and others. Laugh a lot because we are not here long. You will be happy you did and, as Aunt Esther used to say, "Glory."


North Little Rock

Providing assistance

My dad, who is 92 and a Korean War veteran, applied for the Aid and Attendance Compensation to help with in-home care in February. We were informed this is not a stand-alone compensation but is tied to receiving a pension or disability, both of which he never received. It was suggested we attempt to apply for disability. After retrieving records and completing many forms we are still at a standstill. The last correspondence we received from the VA stated they needed more evidence, such as buddy letters, letters written during war, photos, etc. This is ridiculous, as he served 70 years ago.

He has never asked for a dime from our government and now could use some help. What has happened to our country that we can house, clothe, feed and provide health care to immigrants streaming across our borders illegally, forgive student loans that should have had an expectation they needed to be paid back, but not support and provide assistance for those who served our country and have never asked for anything? Seems this administration has a lot of "free money" to give, but not in the right places.


North Little Rock

Vultures are circling

Has anyone besides me noticed the vultures circling the Camp LeJeune commercial? Just saying.



Qualified candidate

It's time again for us to choose a governor to guide our state for the next four years. The chances of success in both business and government increase dramatically when you hire a qualified candidate.

Chris Jones, a seventh-generation Arkansan, is married to Jerrilyn Jones, an Air Force veteran, an associate professor of emergency medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, and an ER doctor. They have three daughters.

He has bachelor degrees in physics and math, a master's degree in nuclear engineering and a master's degree in technology and policy. His doctoral degree in urban studies and planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology has earned him the title of doctor. He is a board member of the National Center for Healthy Housing; former board member at the Museum of Discovery and Arkansas PBS; former executive director of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative; and, most recently, former executive director of Winrock International's nonprofit Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub.

He is an ordained minister and has served with the mayor's office of the Pine Bluff Youth Council; his resume includes roles as a middle school teacher, assistant dean for graduate students at MIT and, as a principal at BCT Partners, Jones was lead executive on numerous multimillion-dollar federal projects. Chris Jones is obviously smart, and has demonstrated his discipline for taking on and mastering many varied areas of expertise.

Sarah Sanders is an experienced political operative best known as the spin doctor for the most prolific liar in presidential history. She has no practical governmental management or business credentials. She vows to use the millions she raised from a few outside Arkansas to protect us from outside influence.

Arkansas, who do you think has the qualifications and experience to oversee a budget of $6 billion and lead us out of the basement in health care, crime and correction, infrastructure, education, and the economy?

I believe even a fifth-grader will get this answer right. The question is, are we smarter than a fifth-grader?


Eureka Springs

About buying votes

I've heard many people, mostly Republicans, bemoaning the fact that President Biden's forgiveness of a portion of student loan debt was just a way for him and the Democrat Party to buy votes.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is running for governor on a platform to do away with state income tax in Arkansas. Is this not the same thing, just a way for Huckabee Sanders to buy votes?


North Little Rock