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OPINION | DRIVETIME MAHATMA: Here’s your sign: No U-turns on Cantrell intersection

by Frank Fellone | October 29, 2022 at 5:22 a.m.

Hi: Now that the flyover at Cantrell Road and Interstate 430 is open, lots of eastbound drivers on Cantrell block traffic in the inside lane by making dangerous U-turns at the intersection with the exit lane from I-430 northbound lanes. There is no turn lane and no sign to prohibit U-turns. With only two eastbound lanes, this restricts traffic to one lane while they wait for westbound traffic to clear. Can you please ask that this be addressed? — Kimberly

Dear Kimberly: Hi your own self.

We have routed, at your request, this matter to the Arkansas Department of Transportation. To our knowledge, U-turns are legal in our small, wonderful state unless otherwise prohibited.

As for those folks who are doing U-turns on the fabulous new Bridge to Confusion, maybe not the best idea. But be sure oncoming traffic has cleared.

Wait! There's more! We have late-breaking news right at deadline!

David Nilles, a spokesman for ArDot, reports that a "No U-Turn" sign has now been posted at this location. It's a temporary sign put up by the contractor. As time goes by, and the construction is completed, ArDot will erect a permanent sign.

May we make an observation? Thanks.

This thing is a work in progress. To paraphrase an old country song, the Cantrell Road project is an old lump of coal, but it will be a diamond some day.

Dear Mahatma: I continue to see vehicles driven around our city with expired temporary tags -- saw one yesterday with a ragged paper tag that expired December 2021. What do you think it will take to put a stop to this violation AND vehicles parked in designated handicap parking with NO handicap permit anywhere? — Any Help Appreciated

Dear Help: Second things first.

When a wrong vehicle is parked in a handicap spot, call the local police. Maybe an officer will be available to come by and issue a ticket. Also go to the website of the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission and print a copy of its accessible parking flyer.

This flyer starts with WARNING! in big letters. It tells miscreants they may be in violation of Arkansas Code Annotated 47-15-306, which prohibits the non-handicapped from parking in spaces reserved for the handicapped. The flyer also says "Your vehicle information has been noted and recorded," and points out there's a $500 fine waiting to happen. Stick this on the windshield.

The Department of Finance & Administration has an online misuse of parking complaint report, and a photo of the misuse can be uploaded. Or call 1-866-NOPARK5. Or send in the complaint by mail. Or submit in person at the DF&A Mothership on West Seventh in Little Rock, right behind the state Capitol.

Now, about the ragged and outdated paper plates. Our immediate reaction is a rocket-propelled grenade.

This is joke, people.

Vanity plate: RXFILLR.

Print Headline: I-430 redo not a place for U-turns


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