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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Will tackle LR crime | Celebrate the victory | Plans for Arkansas

September 12, 2022 at 2:40 a.m.

Will tackle LR crime

It seems Mayor Frank Scott is leading Little Rock down the same disastrous path as Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Seattle and other large, crime-ridden cities. The only way to change this inevitable outcome is to fire the mayor by a vote of the people.

If elected mayor, Steve Landers will put crime No. 1 on his "to-do" list. That's why the Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed Steve Landers for mayor.


Little Rock

Celebrate the victory

As someone who has worked closely with Rep. French Hill's office since the city of Conway first applied for its grant for the Connect Conway vision, I wanted to respond and set the record straight in regard to a recent letter. Mr. Hill's office has been instrumental in fine-tuning our grant application and providing five letters of support since 2018.

Just because Representative Hill voted against this year's particular massive funding measure doesn't mean he doesn't support funding coming to our state. It simply reflects the all-too-true reality that in Washington, D.C., good things are often paired with not-so-good things to get bills passed.

Plus, importantly, Representative Hill supported previous iterations of the grant in the form of TIGER, BUILD, and finally RAISE grants. Regardless, the people of Conway are grateful for Representative Hill's continued support of the Connect Conway vision. Let's try putting politics aside and celebrating this victory for central Arkansas.



Plans for Arkansas

Why print an article on the cash disparity between the two candidates for governor? We know Ms. Sanders has access to as many millions as she needs. So what! I am sick of all the news about money. It seems our democracy has fallen to the level of "who has the most money wins." Why waste space on the obvious?

I would like to see a comparison of the candidates' plans for how, when elected, they will serve the people of Arkansas. This might be titled: "Lack of plans to improve the life of the people of Arkansas from Ms. Sanders' campaign is an ominous sign for the people of Arkansas."

After walking a mile in every county and talking to the people of Arkansas, Dr. Jones has developed a plan to meet the needs of our neighbors to grow and have an opportunity to thrive in our state. It is as simple as PB&J. Want to know more? Check out his website. Attend an event around the state almost every day of the week and speak with Dr. Jones. He will address any issue you want to talk about.

Aren't disparity in plans, visibility, transparency and a passion for Arkansas of greater significance than money in the bank?


Little Rock

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