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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Own what you write | It is happening here | Usage is simply cruel

September 13, 2022 at 4:22 a.m.

Own what you write

Kenneth Weber of Greenbrier wrote in Sunday's Democrat-Gazette that he had received an unsigned letter from someone in Alabama containing a multi-page rant against Democrats. I, too, received an unsigned letter with no signature or return address but with an admonition that he/she would be watching to see if I wrote anything else to the paper, presumably so he can type another unsigned letter.

If both Mr. Weber and I received one of these letters, then probably many others did, too. Apparently, this is some kind of campaign against us letter-writers of the Democratic persuasion. I have no idea what the person expects to accomplish, but it is cowardly and akin to turning over headstones of deceased people who cannot protect themselves from this destruction of their markers.

I cannot control what is or is not published, but threats do not silence me. My admonition to anonymous is, in future, get your facts straight and have the fortitude to own what you write.



It is happening here

President Biden recently gave a speech saying that Donald Trump and the MAGA-Republicans were a "semi-fascist" group undermining democracy in the country. I think he was too kind in calling them "semi."

I expected to see editorials from conservative columnists expressing outrage over this. Instead, there has been a deafening silence. This is proof of the truth of Biden's speech.

Then we find that Trump took (stole) a large quantity of secret documents to Mar-A-Lago, thereby endangering national security. If any Democrat, especially a Clinton, did this, there would be cries of "treason" and calls for the death penalty. Again, a deafening silence was heard throughout the land. Meanwhile there is celebration in the Kremlin. Their boy Trump and his fellow travelers have done serious damage to our national security.

Back in the '70s, when I was young, I worked with a retired Army colonel. A veteran of World War II, he served in the Pacific because he was of Germanic descent. He told me that what happened in Germany in the 1920s and '30s could happen here. I told him he was nuts. If he were alive, I would call, apologize, and tell him he was right. It is happening here.



Usage is simply cruel

Mr. Bryan Hendricks' opinion/endorsement of the AR-15 as a "hunting" rifle is at the very least objectionable. What true hunter of sport would ever use such a weapon? This is a weapon of war and war only that has wrought unimaginable tragedy upon our citizens, much less game.

Mr. Hendricks needs to re-examine what the term "sport" of hunting truly means. The use of this weapon on any creature is simply cruel.


Little Rock

Need a good reason

Can anyone give me one good reason we taxpayers should forgive your student loans? I didn't think so.


Little Rock

American democracy

For most of American history, our government has been a two-party system, and it worked pretty well. Unfortunately, the run may be over. The Republican Party has gone completely off the rails, spouting lies, preaching violence, and setting the stage to undermine the electoral process.

President Biden delivered recently what may have been an unprecedented warning by a president against a political party. He cited the dominance of Trump-inspired election-deniers among Republican nominees for the fall election and noted threats of violence from Republicans directed at law enforcement and election workers. While acknowledging some decent Republicans, Biden pointed to a party that has declared war on the rule of law.

People need to read Dana Milbank's "The Destructionists." It documents in detail the path taken by the Republican Party since Newt Gingrich's elevation to Speaker. Chapter one, for example, deals with the lies Republicans spun about Vince Foster's suicide, claiming the Clintons had him murdered to cover their crimes. This has special relevance for many of us in Little Rock. Brett Kavanaugh was heavily involved.

Subsequent chapters relate strings of lies, conspiracy theories, character assassinations, and violent rhetoric that have characterized the Republican approach to politics for the last 25 years. Obamacare death panels to kill Granny? Muslim Obama born in Kenya? Don't retreat, reload! (That was Sarah Palin, before and after Gabby Giffords was shot). Hillary's emails, Benghazi, whatever? Milbank's got over 300 pages of specifics that you need to read.

This November, Arkansans will go to the polls and mindlessly elect Republicans to seats in Congress and all statewide offices while returning a Republican supermajority to both houses of our Legislature. When they do, they will be voting against their own interests, but also against American democracy.


Little Rock

Shun national politics

My husband was born and raised in Arkansas and we moved back here over 20 years ago. We care about this state and its citizens. We are faced in the coming election with two gubernatorial candidates. One has really big money piling in from outside the state and her qualifications seem to be that she knows how to talk to reporters and that she does not allow her kids to watch CNN.

We have another choice. Chris Jones has the experience and education to take Arkansas into the future. Never mind the national politics swirling over our heads. Check out his website.

Vote for Arkansas, not for a national political party.


Bella Vista

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