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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Take care of animals | Judging book covers | About buying votes

September 14, 2022 at 3:32 a.m.

Take care of animals

The article about the loose dogs--that just happened to be pit bulls--in Maumelle is bringing up the subject of dog breeds again. Usually, dogs like this have been running free in the area because a person has let them out.

People, don't let your dogs run loose, no matter what breed they are. Pits are great and loving family dogs, so don't blame the breed. It's the owners who have not trained or even taken the time to be with them. Any breed will go bad when owned by people like that. Some dogs are just bigger and cause bigger problems when loose. I know you keep hearing this said over and over. There are other dogs that run loose and do damage that we don't hear about.

We have leash laws for just this reason. Obey them. All dogs. Duh! Small dogs get hurt or taken when they are allowed to run free. No dog babies should be loose, in my opinion.

Don't force families that have or want pits to lose a "family member" because some people don't/won't control theirs. They are great family members.

If you are not a pet owner or just don't understand, talk with dog owners or rescues. Learn the real truth.

I'll get off my soapbox now, but please, please, take care of your fur babies. Love them and keep them safe.

Obviously, I'm a dog owner and dog lover. Thank you.



Judging book covers

During my teenage years, I ran around with several guys. One in particular always seemed to be more in touch with reality than the rest of us. Being about two years older than all of us, he kept us out of trouble to some degree by his mannerisms. I, and probably others in our group, looked up to him as a stabilizing force for our little band of brothers.

In college, I had to turn in a paper for a class. Being my usual procrastinating self, I waited until it was almost due. Under duress, I sought help from my friend, thinking maybe he had something he could help me with. He did, a paper he had written previously, titled "The New China." I didn't even read it, just proudly submitted "my" paper to my professor thinking I had a winner. After all, this friend was really smart, in my opinion.

To my surprise, my paper was returned to me with the notation, "This seems to be written by a socialist" and got a D, probably only because I turned something in. It seems my older friend had different views I wasn't aware of, radically liberal ideologies.

Evidently, nothing has changed regarding his radical views through the years. He is a regular contributor to the Voices page, appearing almost every month. In fact, his comments are in line with the liberal mainstream media narrative.

I've said all this to say the old cliché is true, "You can't judge a book by its cover." My friend had a great mind, it was just focused in the wrong way. And, boy, was I ever wrong about him. What a waste of potential!


North Little Rock

About buying votes

For all you folks who say President Biden is buying votes, ever heard of Citizens United? We have the GOP to thank for that. Don't be such a hypocrite.



The nation is changed

I consider myself a center-left independent politically. Like most of my ilk, I believe that Donald Trump has been just about the worst thing that has happened to America since the Civil War. I think that integrity in an American president is the singularly most important attribute of the office.

It is due to our mutual disregard for Trump that I usually enjoy Bret Stephens' wonderfully crafted columns ... until the recent "With malice toward many."

Sorry Bret, but you've got it all wrong this time. Jan. 6, The Big Lie and everything Trump has said and done since he lost the election has changed all that. At this point, anyone who still supports Trump does not deserve cover of any kind. No matter how gullible, stupid, uninformed, or brainwashed they may be. They should and must be called out for the damage their continued support is doing to the country, for without it, Trump is gone--poof! The carnage he has wrought on the union far supersedes all the supposed good his policies may have created in their minds. We're talking about democracy itself here.

As for the anti-abortionists, Joe Biden never said that they aren't entitled to their beliefs, just that they don't cancel those on the other side of this moral divide. And given the overturning of Roe v. Wade by a nakedly partisan Supreme Court, and those justices who lied about their belief in established precedent in order to get confirmed, Biden was correct in calling out the decision. No right-to-lifers were named--only the decision itself.

And as for the few instances where Democratic money went toward supporting fringe-right candidates to help them get elected for later defeat in the general election? It's only politics, and politics is a cynical and highly strategic game. Rest assured that millions of highly motivated voters like me are poised and ready for the November election. By the way, should Liz Cheney run for office, she's got my vote.


Little Rock

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